Exclusive : Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone Expected In March 2011

ITProPortal: The Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone, also known internally as the Zeus, is not only well alive, but we can exclusively reveal that Sony Ericsson has committed to a release month.

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jay23293d ago

Oh bummer, I was hoping they'd do a Google like they've done with the new Nexus. Well let's wait for hopefuly Thursday.... :(

tubers3293d ago

Oh wow. March? Hope they reveal a lot more early on. That might no be good releasing it near 3DS.. even though this is a phone.. it has some almost next gen "handheld console" ring about it (rumored specs and 2 "nubs").

Not saying this would stop 3DS buyers but who knows.. I guess I'm one of the few that can get only one "device" at a give time.

Seijoru3293d ago

I think the devices have a different demographic.

deadreckoning6663293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

No, there not. Both are being marketed as portable gaming consoles..the only difference is that the Sony's handheld comes with a phone. As far as gaming is concerned, the 3DS will dominate the Playstation Phone. The only way I see this phone being successful is if Sony charges a ridiculously cheap amount. Who knows, it might get subsidized if you have a plan?

RememberThe3573293d ago

Neither are being marketed at the moment so I'm not sure what your pulling from. They are going at different demographics however, simply by their nature. The kids that want a 3DS are not the same demographic as the teens and older, lets call them, young professionals that would want the "Zeus".

kneon3293d ago

It most certainly will get subsidized if you sign up for a contract. That is how the phone business works in most parts of the world. Most people aren't willing to shell out the $400-800 that is typical for a smart phone without a contract.

MazzingerZ3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Seijoru is right, people wanting a 3DS will get a 3DS those wanting a handheld can already pick up a DS or PSP today

The PSP phone has Ericsson install base + those that want to play REAL games on their mobile

I have been holding off on buying a PSP Go due to I want to see what that PSP Phone can do, if it plays the same games as the PSP (WHAT A LAUNCH GAMES LIBRARY!) I'm getting that as I don't want to carry 2 devices with me, one device for everything: gaming, music and mobile.

I love Nintendo and have great memories from the NES, GC, etc but today don't care about the DS and even less about the 3DS...I'm a loyal 10 year long NOKIA user but the PSP Phone might change that, there you go! that's what Sony-Ericsson (NOT SONY SCEE/SCA/SCJ) after with this new device...there will be a cooperation between divisions but Sony-Ericsson has its own demographic, however, they can count with PSP fanbase joining the party!

PSP2 will be the 3DS competition, not this...although for me there's no competition, the games the PSP delivers are the type I like so a PSP will always be a no brainer for me.

Didn't even know the 3DS releases early next year...

gamingdroid3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The key here for Sony is going to be software. Let's face it, there are ample Android units out there and the people that is willing to carry that extra bulk of a d-pad is likely only gamers.

I'm very impressed if they can push this product out in March (and hopefully they will support it properly unlike their other Android devices), but they need a compelling reason why I should buy a Playstation Phone over let say a Nexus S. If it is at the same price point, that would start to look very compelling coupled with exclusive games. Sure!

Do it right Sony! Do it right!!! Because I want one, and because WP7 isn't taking off. We need a dedicated phone/handheld gaming device.

phatak3293d ago

I finally get to kill some gods on a phone

level 3603293d ago

A lot of extra batteries are going to be needed on this baby..

duplissi3293d ago

seido extended battery here i come!!!!

duplissi3293d ago

oh, i soo want to see what xda is going to do with this phone... they will have a field day with it. custom roms, overclocking, free tethering..
not to mention the presence of hardware buttons will be perfect for all the emulators available for android!

heres hoping there is no e-fuse, locked bootloader, or anything like what the g2 had.

silvacrest3292d ago

hell, i would be pretty happy if it's as "locked down" as the G2, what i fear is if its as locked down as the X10, have you seen the development for those devices? its practically nothing

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