Has onLIVE Failed Already?

When we first heard the name “onLIVE” and the things it would bring to the gaming industry, we were skeptical because it was too good to be true, so many promises and high expectations. We felt it would be revolutionary and exciting to experience cloud gaming.

A lot of people have started buying into the idea of Microsoft that no one needs bluray and “digitalization” is next big thing to hit the industry, Digital library stacked up with games, movies, ebooks, musics and streaming capacity.

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proudly_X2873d ago

certainly this is not the time for such tech.

kosovo2873d ago

onLive is going no where, it failed the day it was announced.

Dorfdad2865d ago

Honestly you guys need to do some research. Check out http://www.OnLiveInformer.c... they do daily news articles about OnLive it's anything but a fail.