Amazon Kicks Off Buy Bioshock 2, Get Bioshock Free Promo

"Amazon keeps the deals rolling today with a sweet deal on Bioshock 2!

For a limited time at Amazon, purchase Bioshock 2 from the list below and get Bioshock free."

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SpaceFox3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Woah, Bioshock 2 right now is about $23. Sooo YEAH, I think it's about time for me to pick these games up. Never played either so fuck yeah!

cr1361243285d ago

For some reason I preferred the first one more than the second one. But, at this price you can't ask for more....brand new and a fine piece to your game collection. Have fun!

sharif6993285d ago

yeah the first had more of an "epic" feel to it, while the second is solid, doesn't match the first

SpaceFox3285d ago

Yeah, I've heard great things about both so 2 for $23 is definitely worth it.

poopface13284d ago

not just because it was fresh when I first played it, but mainly because I thought BS 2 was way to hectic compared to the first.

I like them both, and for that price its a darn good deal.

HxCGamer3284d ago

damn it the deal is gone!!!

Soldierone3285d ago

Had Amazon credit so I got both games for free lol

despair3285d ago

gotta love game credit from amazon :)

poopface13284d ago

I just gor NV for 20$ because of amazons great sale prices and my credit. It also came with 10$ off of a 12 month live card that amazon sells for 15$ cheaper than MS anyways. Im not sure why a SP only game came with the code but whatever. Maybe ill have a bunch of those codes by the time I buy live.

Amazon has been really giving out great deals, and their prices are really good usually.

MadMax3285d ago

been meaning to get bioshock 2 for awhile. selling out fast by the looks of it. never played the second one and loved the first one on the 360! just ordered them for ps3, too good of a deal to pass up! will sell my copy of bioshock for the 360 on ebay. enhanced graphics and added content for the ps3 version of bioshock, so what the hell. what a deal, was like $22 something with free shipping at the checkout!

MadMax3284d ago

Not sure why anyone would disagree, lol. This deal must have sold out already, good thing i acted when i did.