Microsoft Confident It Can Maintain 360 Supply

In the wake of strong holiday sales, some anonymous rumors started to surface that Microsoft was warning retailers that the 360 would be out of stock until after the holidays.

Not so, says the hardware manufacturer to Shacknews.

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shutupandplay2925d ago

Well, I assume Microsoft knows what they are doing. The 360 has been selling LIKE MAD the last few months, and the holidays are going to be insane. Not having enough consoles would be devastating considering the insane amount of people looking to buy 360s this holiday.

deadreckoning6662925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

That Walmart deal is nuts! $75 in credit just for buying a 360.

Brewski0072925d ago

Wow 75 in credit for buying a 360?? thats an insane offer. Definately gonna have alot of folks forking out for it i'm sure.
Whatever console people are hoping to buy this holiday season, I hope that all 3 of the big names can continue to provide for the demand.
Its never really been a huge problem previous years so i'm sure it won't be this year.

showtimefolks2925d ago

but what about after the holiday how about some games for 2011 and i know i will get many disagrees if that's their lineup for 2011 gears 3

than don't worry about keeep up with supply because by december 2011 ps3 will be in 2nd WW xbox360 may still have a lean in NA but WW sales tell a different story


MS was appraoch by MM for LBP they said not think about that

Anon19742925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

360 sales were pretty flat this year up until the launch of the slim and price cut on the old units, then they spiked up 25% over what they did that same quarter last year. However, is that due to the slim or was it due to the price cut on old units? Historically, new hardware doesn't move units - price cuts do, so now that the old 360's are almost all gone (you can still find plenty of cheaper, old 360 bundles, but the standalone consoles are rare), will the slim 360's at the old price still keep selling and how much of a boost has Kinect made. How long will that last?
At any rate, this article is baseless. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft started it themselves to drive interest. Kinect is still available but getting harder to find, but there's no evidence whatsoever that 360 hardware is in short supply. They managed to keep the 360 in stock when they sold 6 million during the holiday season two years ago and this year they're expected to sell just over 5 million (360's, not Kinect. They had a target for 5 million Kinect by end of year as well.) Why would they not be able to keep up with demand when it's expected they'll sell less units than 2 years ago?

Edit below: But Amazon charts aren't really a reliable source for gaming sales now, are they? Prior to the official quarterly data released by each company we were subjected to article after article about how Amazon charts/ToysRUS sales charts/etc were showing that the Xbox was selling out and killing the PS3 since the slim launched. When the official data came out it was proven that this wasn't the case at all, that the PS3 trounced the 360 during that quarter by almost a million consoles. amazon might show Kinect selling out, but a quick check on the website of BestBuy/FutureShop/Gamestop in my city shows it's readily available. Amazon charts are about as reliable an indicator of overall sales as VGChartz numbers.

gamingdroid2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago ) disagrees right now as they have been out of stock for some time now on all versions of Xbox 360 console, unless you think they are purposely holding back stock?

That of course only makes sense to fanboys, because no e-tailer would forgo profit for a third party company to self profess sold out.

Kinect stand-alone unit sold out too.

evilunklebud2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

We seem to have a tight supply where I live, just based on my anecdotal search. Several models not available, especially based around Kinect.

Corepred42925d ago

really?!? like MAD?? lmao!! Consoles are selling well, I don't think any console is selling "like MAD" lol

ComboBreaker2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Or is Microsoft just not confident that the 360 will sell that well over the holiday?

2925d ago
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Zir02925d ago

They need to ramp up production seriously.

360 consoles are selling out like crazy everywhere. Even places such as GameStop have stopped giving consumers the option to buy a Kinect 360 Bundle alone they are forcing them to buy something extra like controller since demand is so crazy.

2925d ago
sp1deynut2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Not calling you a liar, but if you know for a fact that a GameStop is doing what you say, you only need to call them out on it...i.e. call GS Corporate while you're in the store. I work at GameStop, and know for a fact that IS NOT company policy, and any manager or other employee caught doing that would get fired. Yes, they want us to sell as many add-ons for every sale as possible, but we don't do forced bundles.

Moentjers2925d ago

They can transfer some stock from Europe to US

hoops2925d ago

More MS PR BS.
All companies do this to stoke demand. Sony will be next to state something similar. Than Nintendo.
It's called business as usual

Neko_Mega2925d ago

lol I don't think where I live their is going to be 360's out of stock, at least not in every store. I know GameStop sold out of Wii's, PS3's and 360's.

Not worry about them being out of stock.

Arup022925d ago

Who is this random fat dude?

Optical_Matrix2925d ago

A really famous Xbox 360 fanboy. On forums, he goes by the name of I'm_A_Greenturd. Thats what I heard anyway. Would be delighted if someone could confirm.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

A famous PR Troll and fanboy.

I don't think you can find a worst PR than him, not even from Nintendo and Sony PR's.

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