The most disappointing cons of Call of Duty Black Ops’ Multiplayer

The Call of Duty series is famous for all the issues and hate from gamers, however we always play it, and every time a new one comes out we go crazy for it...

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dkblackhawk502898d ago

Wow...listed sniping twice? I do agree...the hit markers are way off >.>

Ducky2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

That's Krazy...

... with a K!

I find sniping kind of enjoyable. It makes me feel like a sleek assassin everytime I pull of a kill.
Although I do tend to rely on the ACOG more than the scope. =/

Though snipers could use a small buff.

hakeem09962897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

out of everything he said my only complains are mw2's secondary options ,shotguns are not suppose to be primary options ,IW had it right in MW2 .i don't care for sniping ,killstreaks are fine but i do miss my nuke. and rc-xd's are not over powered 70% of the time i destroy that crap before it kills me ,you need to be more aware .
And what's that crap about missing host advantage ,that's just stupid .

SMOK3xFFx2898d ago

I strongly disagree with #5, my Colt Python takes it to people.

shovelbum2898d ago

I see a lot of people (via killcam) running with pistols and doing quite well. I tend to run the launcher personally as I prefer to take planes out of the sky but the pistols seem fine to me.

grailly2897d ago

I always like to play with the weakest weapons in CoD, so I've been playing with the dragunov lately, which I find to be seriously bad. When I play sniper about half my kills come from my secondary (python), so I really have no complain there!

antz11042897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

The Python is pretty nasty, I personally enjoy the ballistic knife.

EDIT: I also love the strela, nothing as satisfying as taking away someone's care package counter-spy plane as soon as its up, or a huey.

vickers5002897d ago

Same here. I love the secondaries. They are SUPPOSED to be underpowered, they are last resort weapons, although the way I use them, they aren't really underpowered. I don't know what this guy is doing wrong, but I can own with the CZ75, or the M1911 (the chrome looking pistol) and using the crossbow is just so much fun, even though I miss most of the time. The balistic knife is pretty cool too.

There is nothing wrong with secondary weapons in Black Ops.

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curtis3942898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

lol, I miss the days when i could hit 360's with ease

NarooN2897d ago

Not hard to do 360's considering there was the massive aim-assist on the consoles. Don't even kid yourself.

vickers5002897d ago

Record yourself doing one real quick and show us then.

NarooN2896d ago

Why record myself doing something that ANYONE can do with ease? It's like all you kids who make boring-ass montages with Metallica or Drowning Pool in the background.

vicious69832898d ago

I haven't touched the Cod Blops multiplayer yet. I really like to finish all single player stuff first.

curtis3942898d ago

same, but you should really try it out, or hurry up and finnish the single player :D

DazeLokrotan2898d ago

My advice to you is to stay away from MP as much as possible because it's rage-inducing.

SJPFTW2898d ago

IF you "rage" in a video game that means you should stop playing. video games is about having fun, once that stops why continue playing? For your Kill death ratio that know one gives 2 shits about? If having a high KDR is your goal in life than you got issues

SixZeroFour2898d ago

@SJPFTW agreed...take away the stat tracking (or atleast the k/d and w/l) and ppl will start to play for the fun of it again and it will be all about the shits and giggles, not raging

DarkFantasy2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

i agree also i miss that in my games playing online for fun, my most played ps2 game was Star Wars battlefront 2 i had a tun of fun i didnt care how much times i died i never really cared if i did well or not i just wanted to play had some good times i spents ALOT of time on it use to have my name as Your-Face so when ppl killed me it said for example: MrAnonymous killed your-face,but this gen for me people have gotten so competitive and serious that online has its lost some of its fun.ahh the good old days,only online game i find that fun is bfbc2 and even tho i don't play it a lot Uncharted 2 :) ,but yeah when i rage i just turn off the game no point in geting mad while playing game because like SJFTW said " video games are about having fun, once that stops why continue playing?"

Ducky2898d ago

Elpresador anyone? :D

I find theater mode to be quite effective in making me try goofy stuff.

Unfortunately, most games today are played for leader-boards, trophies and achievements. =/

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MGRogue20172898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Gotta' love Black Ops Multi-player.. It's always tight & action-packed.

As soon as you get into a match.. non-stop killing action all over the place. :D

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