Microsoft’s Kinect outselling window 7 mobile phones

Microsoft’s latest attempt at cracking the mobile phone market is in danger of falling at the first hurdle.

The range of Windows phones from the likes of HTC and Samsung were well received when they were launched in October, but even then it was feared that Microsoft had left it too late to take the fight to Apple and companies using Google’s Android phone in the run-up to Christmas.

The contrast with the success of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system is stark. Kinect, which allows for controller-free game-playing via the company’s Xbox 360 consoles, has hit the 2.5 million sales milestone in a mere 26 days and proved one of the big sellers over the “Black Friday” shopping weekend in the United States.

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Mystogan3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )


Kinect is the fastest selling gadget in gadget history...

Stealth20k3289d ago

which will soon be the 3ds

AndrewRyan3289d ago

Both the Playstation phone (if it exists) and the Windows 7 phone will be complete failures.

IPhone all the way, and I'm not a fanboy of apple, I just love my IPhone because you can jailbreak with 1 click of the mouse and the support is just fantastic.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

What relation do mobile phones have with Kinect? You people can't be this gullible.

You notice they compare it to everything except the Wii and Move. And Sony stats that it has sold 4 mill. If we're going to take MS at their word then you'll do the same with Sony/Move.

AAACE53288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

@Longrod von... whatever... I'll use a term you are used to hearing... "But Move launched earlier than Kinect which is why it has a lead!" At least that's what the fanboys like to say about the 360's console lead.

What's $150 times 2.5 million? $375,000,000! Cost to make Kinect roughly $60 times 2.5M = $150,000,000.

...Dam MS are making out big with these Kinect sales!

People are already invested in their Iphones and Android phones. And most people don't feel the need to go out and spend the cash on a new phone when they just got one not too long ago! Plus, you can't play the games you want from your phone! They have created a bunch of other games for the phone and have a few that we can recognize.

Not to mention the Windown phones don't look as inviting as the Android phones! Screen just has... uhh... Windows! Kinda depressing in my opinion.

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ActionBastard3289d ago

If gadget history started last month, sure, maybe.

3289d ago
Mystogan3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Uhmm.. guys i know that you don't want kinect to do well but Fact is Fact

Projekt7tuning3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Well at least he tried lol.

mcstorm3289d ago

Well kinect was allways going to out sell windows phone 7. For some reason people seem to think that because the sales are not as high as the iPhones it has flopped. Look at the ferst few months of the iPhone and android compared to wp7 you will not see much difference in sales. Wp7 is doing very well for a new os and it also have to shack off the windows mobile tag as people think of windows mobile 6 and below when I went to get my hd7 the guy in the shop was asking me why I wanted a old os instead of android or I phone because he did not have a clue about the new os. Once Xmas is over MS need to show things off like Zune because this is by far better than iTunes and the £8 a month sub you can pay to download unlimited music each month is well worth the money and it can also be used on pc phone and 360. Xbox live is only going to get better with new updates and liking my work SharePoint to my phone works well. For me too. Windows phone 7 has so many different parts to it the few things I have just said are no where near the maximum features the phone has. At the moment the iPhone is the buzz word in phones and android is catching it up fast. I don't think wp7 will be number 1 for sales but they will be in the top 3 beat selling smart phones by the end of 2011.

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Godmars2903289d ago

I'm sorry, but why is someone comparing a MS a MS product?


deadreckoning6663289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

@Godmars290- Refer to TheLastGuardian's comment.

@TheLastGuardian- obviously care, since you not only bothered to click the article, but took the time out of your life to leave a comment.

SuperKing3289d ago

There's a windows phone 7 now?

Anon19743289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Yeah, Microsoft has had Windows on mobile phones forever, but they've never really done that well. With the Windows 7 phones, nothing's different in the sales department but Microsoft had quite a big push leading up to the launch and they fell flat on their face. People have been trying to bring up Windows 7 phones with Microsoft execs but they refuse to comment on how bad the sales are going.

Up against Android and the Iphones, you think they'd at least try to match the features available in both those phones, and they're paying the price for it now. Even if they did offer similar features, I question if they could have made a serious impact. Nothing against the phones, I just think the timing was unfortunate for them. I think the PSP phone could suffer a similar fate, but I understand that they're going Android on those phones. That'll certainly help them out.

stiggs3289d ago

Have you even seen a Windows 7 phone? The Windows 7 phone platform has been getting stellar reviews from all types of media sources. The operating system has been tested and it outperforms the iphone and Android platform in a number of categories. I purchased a Samsung Focus Windows 7 phone and I've been shocked at how many people have commented in a postive manner once they have seen the device. It is the best smart phone device that I have ever owned. I've even seen a few Apple die-hards express some serious " tech" envy once they've got their hands on it.

gamingdroid3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I think Android was a success because it was free and a proper alternative to iPhone was non-existant.

Both WP7 and PSP Phone will have an uphill battle. The former, still clouded by Windows MOBILE and the latter proper support and push even though it is using Android, it is still a new platform.

At least with both, Microsoft has shown they are willing to stick around for a long time while willing to invest money into the platform. Sony has shown a similar resilience when it came to their other products. In either case, they need a few killer apps!


I agree, Windows Phone 7 is great! It's just that it doesn't have the App eco system of Android or iPhone yet. In the long run, I believe WP7 will be serious competitor.

ComboBreaker3289d ago

No ones even talking about it, let alone know that Windows 7 phones even exist.

stiggs3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I guess that you don't watch TV...or read magazines...or listen to the radio...or browse the web. Windows 7 phones have saturated the media marketplace since their release. They're also receiving great reviews accross the board.

I actually saw an ad for Windows Phone 7 from AT&T on TV as I wrote this post.


ComboBreaker3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

and adverstising for Windows Phone 7...

However they are just becoming background noise.

No one really cares about Window Phone 7. No one is talking about it. There's just no buzz around it, even though Microsoft is heavyly pushing it.

Unlike the iPhone and Android.

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bananlol3289d ago

At least the UI is more streamlined in this iteration.

ElementX3289d ago

What a stupid article!

the URL should be seek4attention not seek4media.

PrettyinPurple3289d ago

I'm getting a Windows Phone 7 OS for Christmas... Well, who knows eh? I might end up getting an Android phone instead.

What I need is third-party software all over the place, and I trust that the Windows Phone 7 has a rubbish security for that to be possible. =)

SMOK3xFFx3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

lol, wait for the PSP Phone or PSP2 if you want "rubbish security", there Isn't a PSP that hasn't been hacked.

Kalowest3289d ago

Actually i haven't hacked mines yet, i still buy psp games.

Kalowest3289d ago

The WP7OS security is somewhat good actually, well for right now anyway.

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