Nintendo asking companies to keep quiet about 3DS, big blowout in late January

Some rumored information regarding the 3DS has been released from a rather trustworthy source.

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boogeyman9993704d ago

All I wanna know is if it will be $300, might be to much for me.

poopface13704d ago

I never thought I would buy another handheld until I saw the 3ds, so I hope its not super expensive. I think it will be around 250 tho.

Ill probably say the same thing when I see the psp2.

AAACE53703d ago

The more I think about it... I don't think Nintendo would really release a console for that high of a price! They always try to keep it under the $200 mark, and I believe they will try that with the 3DS as well.

Plus, it seems kinda ass backwards to have your handheld cost more than your home console!

Nugan3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

This is my guess too.

I think Nintendo understands that a $300 price tag will damage its ability to be competitive in North America. Whereas the equivalent of $300 makes sense in the more handheld-centric Japanese market.

Nintendo has always been smart about pricing, and I'd be very surprised if they price themselves out of the market now.

Edit: Also, keep in mind that withholding the NA price for so long after the Japanese price was announced could be a strategy. If we expect it to be $300, $250 will seem cheap by comparison. On the other hand, if they had simply announced a $250 price right away, those who were hoping for a $200/$225 price would view it as expensive without a point of comparison.

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user8586213704d ago

hopefully £200 anything higher and ill b waiting for price drop

Capt CHAOS3704d ago

Yeah, yeah. I'll be impressed the day it has two analogue controllers.. I've been asking for this for years.. It's shite otherwise.

K923704d ago

The touch screen is the second analogue

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The story is too old to be commented.