The Next SSX: What We've Heard So Far

Kotaku - Electronic Arts hasn't released a console game in its once-great snowboarding and skiing series SSX since 2007's SSX Blur for the Wii. But from what we've heard out of the Great White North, a new SSX is well underway.

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-Mezzo-3287d ago

Ohh, i would love a new SSX game, i have always been a fan of the series.

It surprising that EA hasn't released the game already, Had it been an Activision Title, the 4th one would have been on its way.

Kurisu3287d ago

Please be true, please be true, please be true!

toaster3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Man I love SSX. I remember playing SSX for the first time and getting my mind blown, no other snowboarding, or sports game for that matter, has been that over the top and fun. Going off a ramp and flying for 3 kilometers and then finally landing on a rail and sliding for 100 meters onto another rail. Ahhhh......

There were also so many secrets and paths down the mountain. My favorite SSX game would have to be SSX3 though, I remember maxing out Griff and then hitting up Perpendiculous for some massive hang time. Moby was a badass as well, he's probably the most well known of the characters.

Sadly, after SSX 3 the franchise went downhill, albeit not a very steep one. On Tour wasn't as fun, but still a good SSX game nonetheless. It was rooted more in realism *pinch of salt*, moreso than the previous any ways. No crazy stadiums or courses, no ridiculously insane halfpipes, I thought the SSX3 formula was much better.


Oh yeah, and outrunning avalanches. THAT was intense.

Anon19743287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

SSX Tricky was my favorite. The runs were delightfully over the top, the players were all such cool characters - fun to play. SSX 3 was still fun but they didn't have all the voice actors that they did in Tricky, and that's really what helped add the character to SSX2. SSX world tour just fell flat for me. I felt all the personality was gone from the series at that point. I really hope they revive this series.

And I agree with others below - the last thing this series needs is realism. That's what made SSX so great, was the fact that you could jump off the side of a mountain, do tricks for 3 minutes screaming the whole time and then completely wipe out, get up and do it again.

TheLastGuardian3287d ago

O_O Theres a new SSX game in developement? Hell Yes! I loved SSX tricky but I missed out on the rest of the series. I hope they come out with an HD Collection for SSX and I hope the same devs who made the PS2 SSX games are making this game.

Kurisu3286d ago

I never actually got to play tricky! I played the first game and SSX 3, 3 being my favourite!

smilydude133287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

"take the game "back to its roots,""


"but feature controls similar to EA's Skate franchise, using a controller's right analog stick to perform tricks."

Uh oh...

TheLastGuardian3286d ago

Well, I like the controls in Skate but I don't think the SSX needs a new control scheme. I guess We'll have to wait for the reviews.

The Lazy One3287d ago

did yall read the article? They're turning it into skate snowboarding edition all on a mountain. the cities/arena and the preposterous non realistic tricks were the best part about SSX! Totally gonna ruin the game if true.

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pork_chop_express3287d ago

Hmmm so its the skate team..., ssx tricky imo is still the best of the series. Only 3 days till we know what new one is like.

soundslike3287d ago

please make it more realistic!

it can still be "ssx"-y but there are many ways they achieve that same feeling by incorporating more elements from real snowboarding.

For instance, even if you can't fall 100000000 feet off a jump, you could achieve the same vertigo feeling by entering very steep sections that require careful carving and not going straight down, with the added risk of avalanches to knock you down.

Enigma_20993287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

You want a realistic SSX game?

... bite your tongue, boy.

I want them to bring back the unique personalities of all those characters they created for the series... BRING BACK MAC!!!!

... and leaving the custom boarder/skiier feature in would be nice.

smilydude133287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

God no. If there is one thing SSX does not need it is realism.

RoboRyan3287d ago

I'm all about the idea of Skate on the slopes, but a new SSX is NOT the game to try it with. The appeal of SSX is in the arcadey, over the top vibe, so it almost seems to be doing fans who've been awaiting a new game a disservice to muck it up by changing the control scheme and feel so drastically.

bennyace3287d ago

Stoked on the 360 was supposed to be realistic. And it was boring for people, like me, who don't snowboard. Keep it arcady please!!! Make another serie of realistic if they want but not SSX.

Pwnage2u3286d ago

SSX was never about being realistic, its a arcade game and I hope they keep it like that.

SSX Tricky ftw!

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silkrevolver3287d ago

... I bet it involves snow, of some sort... this is just a shot in the dark, of course.

NateNater3287d ago

It better be something like Tricky because that's the most fun snowboarding game of all time.

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