Portal 2 Trailer & New Category at Spike VGAs

Rob Keyes of Game Rant writes: "This year’s annual Spike Video Game Awards airs this Saturday and while many high profile games have been rumored and speculated to make a big splash, we are now able to confirm one of them.

Valve’s eagerly anticipated Portal 2 will in fact, be premiering a new trailer at the VGAs and if that’s not all, we’re also able to exclusively report that a brand new category for “Character of the Year” will also be part of this year’s show."

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bluexy2875d ago

Only four characters nominated for the "Character of the Year"? Where's Alan Wake, Commander Shepard, or any of the Noble Team?

SMOK3xFFx2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Yeah, Noble 6, Alan and Shepard would have been good choices but so are Ezio, Kratos and John Marston.

As for Sgt. Woods, Reznov should take this spot.

"Freedom for you Mason not for me!"

TheLastGuardian2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Sly Cooper is my favorite character who had a game come out this year but since It's the VGA's we know he won't get nominated so I say John Marston or Kratos should win. Also RDR should win GOTY and GOWIII is my runner up.

TOO PAWNED2875d ago

Known Game Reveals:
-New BioWare Game (Mass Effect Spinoff?)
-Batman: Arkham City
-Resistance 3
-Volition/Del Toro Lovecraftian Horror Action RPG
-Gears of War (Kinect?)
-"Murder Your Maker" (Prototype 2?)
-Portal new trailer
Possible Game Reveals:
-Saints Row 3

Rumored Game Reveals:
-Uncharted 3
So that is 10 games, 3 left, wtf.

Dirk Benedict2875d ago

Portal 2. best on the PC. however, for consoles, it would be best on The PlayStation 3.

Drink it right down and have seconds.

SpartanPrince2875d ago

Admittedly i havent played the other games on the list so they may be better options(i hear alot of good things about John Marston) but theres just something about Kratos. Most people just say that he's just an angry jerk and a killing machine but he's so much more than that. The only games where he was really like that was in GoW2 but then again he had a reason for that. He was tricked into getting killed by Zeus. But for the emotion that Kratos showed towards Pandora at the end of GoW3, i definitely say Kratos