CONFIRMED - Analysis: Battlefield 3 Leaked Photo Is Fake

SystemLink: "I thought I'd do a very speedy analysis of a new image that supposedly shows a 'leaked' Battlefield 3 screenshot. I called up Superman, Batman and Spiderman, we sat round a table looking at it, and eventually came to the conclusion it was fake. Then Spiderman threw up, and we had to drive him home. But that's not important right now."

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pedrami912873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )


IaMs122873d ago

My first thought/glance when i saw it, Bad co 2

OhReginald2873d ago

Screw the fake image I want to know about how he got batman, superman, and spiderman in one place!

SixZeroFour2873d ago

all the points were good, except this one

"Talking of the HUD - A 3 v 3 game? On Battlefield? And it's already 110/83? On a map that size? Odd."

according to the radar, its 4v3 (one could have died and is currently being respawned) and the score is 110 - 89 not 83...but this was a "speedy analysis" so its no biggie, lol

ThisPlaceSucksBye2873d ago

First they cancel my awesome Indiana Jones game for PS3/360, and release that POS wii/ps2 version.

Then they release those horrible "OMFG LOOK HOW 3XTR3ME I AM!!!11" Star Wars game instead of releasing a new Jedi Knight (with a proper lightsaber system with blocks, parries, etc, instead of the glowing baseball bats in the TFU games).

Now they keep refusing to make a new Battlefront?


XI_-Minty-_IX2873d ago

He totally mixed up Battlefield with Star Wars: Battlefront... :-\

BattleAxe2873d ago

YEAH!!!.......screw lucas arts.....

ThisPlaceSucksBye2873d ago

Sorry, guys :(
My hate got the best of me (and my reading skills)


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