GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - DC Universe Online

Get a double dose of Now Playing as GameSpot checks out heroes and villains in DC Universe Online.

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Keith Olbermann2871d ago

Holy sh** looks like a lot of fun. I wasnt expecting this to look and play so good. Might be a day one purchase on ps3 for me. Finally an mmo for the playstation!!

Billy_Dee_Williams2871d ago

This game has everything I love but it just does not look like much fun. Maybe I'm just not an MMO person but I really wanna play this to form a solid opinion.

despair2871d ago

trust me I'm not an MMO guy either and this game might just change my mind, the beta is pretty damn good between the fast action combat, great DC Universe heroes/villains, combat and environ physics and somewhat destructible environment and the really great powers and customization it is really a great game and that's just the beta.

hazeblaze2871d ago

I'm in the beta. The game is fun as hell!!! The last MMO that I really liked this much was Guild Wars. And honestly, DCUO is even better so far (as it should be since GW came out 5 yrs ago).

The pace of the quests and action is a lot quicker. And it truly is an action MMO... not only do you level up powers, you can unlock combo moves and all sorts of extras. VERY addicting... Even if you're not into MMO's, but you like rpg's, you'll be hooked!

Sonyslave32871d ago

Man i can't wait to get the superior version PC

Baka-akaB2871d ago

mmm superior version for an inferior mind . Seems likes a fair trade

ELite_Ghost2871d ago

wondering why he has 3 stars...

seems kinda high you know?

theunleashed642871d ago


lol! you got owned by room414.

Bolts2871d ago

Well he's actually right. It's hard to dispute that fact. However notice how the beta is played on the PC but the controls popups have DS3 symbols so maybe the PS3 version won't be that far behind.

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dkblackhawk502871d ago

Hour long interview...worth it :D

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2871d ago

I must say I am very impressed, this game looks to be very solid from the get go. With this being a action MMO. The prospect of just these variations only getting better and even more diverse through play-through, community support and feedback cant be overlooked.
This is a big step for Sony to be coming out with a next gen mmo on their system so all eyes will be on them. Whether its critics,comic fans, fanboy's, other developers, and hey maybe even marvel. This might pave the way for blizzard to "think" about consoles too if this pump's in the revenue. I personally don't think it will happen cause of the monopoly and success blizzard has, but never say never....and money talks.
-not to mention other mmo dev's like NC soft etc.

Arup022871d ago

Mmo on consoles? hmmm...

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The story is too old to be commented.