Yakuza 4 Video

Yakuza 4 coming spring 2011

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fungmi3285d ago

Not really played the Yakuza games but it does look brutal.

ForzaGT3285d ago

don't miss it, its a great series

fungmi3285d ago

Well I gonna take your word on it ... is it very Japanese?

Nitrowolf23285d ago

well they speak just japanese (or at least for me i couldn't find an option), it's japanese mafia mixed with some other stuff. Loved the story in 3, it gets pretty deep

fungmi3285d ago

I glad they don't try and dub, it never works out well even in film

morganfell3285d ago

Dead bang on FordGT. It is a fantastic series with an intricate and full story line.

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Serjikal_Strike3285d ago

looks good...
never played any of the others,so I guess now will be the time to start...

Sunny_D3285d ago

whole LODDA money for a whole LODDA dough

SilverSlug3285d ago

what a horrible submission.

Sigh3285d ago

Gotta buy yakuza 3 before this hits. Hard to find it where i live sincenit went on sale at bestbuy for 24.99

fungmi3285d ago

Same here I've not really followed the series but sounds like I'm missing out

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