Beckham shines in FIFA 08 - New screenshots

FIFA 08 is back after a shortage of images. David Beckham, recently switched to the Los Angeles Galaxy american club, is practicing on the field with its new uniform. Prepare yourself for massive damage, soccer ball.

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toughNAME4152d ago

but i twisted my ankle walking to Best Buy

iballa4152d ago

he is one of the worlds most famous sportsman, that does kinda make him a "superstar" Still he has pissed me off more times than I can remember and got sent off during really important matches which really tarnish his career. I blame posh spice, he was doing fine before she turned up!

okcomputer4152d ago

Funniest post in a while. Bubbles for you mate.

Retro-Virus4152d ago

Anyone who thinks Beckham is a superstar knows jack-sh!t about Soccer.

LSDARBY4152d ago

I second that, and please dont call it soccer

On topic i dont this that looks anythin like Beckham

nirwanda4152d ago

who sacked capello even though they won the league for selling beckham

cuco334152d ago

I know he's not as good as he was a few seasons ago but he still has it and in the MLS he's better than anyone there. He has done to MLS what Pele couldn't do to the old American soccer league. He's got it in him still, he just needs to heel properly. I doubt LAX will make the playoffs this year but next year watch out!

SabreMan4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

you prove your ignorance as it's called Football

what do you actually know about the Beautiful Game

Beckham was regarded as one of, if not the best midfield player in world football not so long ago, however he is still idolized the world over and paid millions for his services. so in the USA where the term superstar seems to be aimed at certain sportsman (who the rest of the world have never heard of besides Tiger Woods) that earn far to much money, in that context he is a superstar

he is also the most photographed and most recognizable "athlete" in the World i would say that would qualify him as a "world" superstar.

Retro-Virus4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

@ 2.5 ?

Regarded as the best by who ? There are hundreds of more talented Brits out there ? What do you know about Football. Please stop comparing that talentless goat to Pele. Now, that's someone universally agreed as the best there ever was. That's a whole different league like Gary Lineker, Gillet, Van Basten, Meuller, Diego and I could go on and on.

For pete's sake I was there when Man-u won the Champions League when they bet Bayern Munich in 1999 and Beckham did sh1t that day.

Beckham did sh!t for Man-utd and Real Madrid and England.

okcomputer4152d ago

hahah you're showing your ignorance there mate. Beckham's corner kick set up the game winning goal in that final. Its one of the most famous goals ever and was set up by none other than the guy you said "did sh1t" that day.

PS360PCROCKS4152d ago

Blah blah blah blah over my anyone see the Indianapolis game last night?

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radzy4152d ago

i hope they are in game,not just replays

alfredoggy4152d ago

I would like to see actual in-game game play. Nobody plays from these perspectives and at this distance from the players.

sheng long4152d ago

give the man some credit, he's been playing hurt just to please the fans.
I have played with a busted ankle before and it doesn't feel good at all. besides, he's out now due to knee injury, not busted ankle.

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