Blizzard: Retail Offers Things Digital Simply Can't

Digital distribution may be convenient, says Blizzard big-shot Frank Peace, but there are some things it will never be able to do.

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Matthew942924d ago

"Retail has things to offer that we can't offer digitally - like the collector's edition, which is always popular with our very passionate fans," says Pierce. "We're also planning midnight launches for the game at retail around the globe with our developers in attendance and signing autographs. You can't get that experience through the digital purchase."

that doesnt make a game any more fun, sure artbook can be cool but it doesnt improve the game now does it?

Saryk2923d ago

I have a ton of respect for Blizzard and their personnel, but I have to disagree with his comments. Signings are at very few local stores, so that is a non-issue. But the collectors edition is only worth it if you want it. A majority of people can care less about most collectors editions.