The Club delayed until 2008 - Sega confirms release dates for a number of its titles

Much-anticipated Sega title The Club will miss the Christmas release window, after the publisher admitted that its release has slipped until next year.

The 360, PS3 and PC action title, which was developed by Project Gotham creators Bizarre Creations, was previously due for release at the end of this year.

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Douchebaggery4061d ago

the ps3 cell processor, the x360 lack of disk space and the abundance of the pc's internal memory

p.s. is it strange that i never heard of this game b4

ArduousAndy4061d ago

its being delayed because it does not want to be overshadowed by halo3 and heavenly sword

DEADEND4061d ago

uh_what does has a point anyone of those things he just mentioned can be the reason why the game is being delayed,not that I'm saying your wrong because you can be right too. Its just that alot of dev's have been complaining about of lack of disc space for the 360, the dev's who are working on PGR4 have said that they are having a hard time fitting the game on one discs. And dev's have complained about how hard it is to make games for the PS3 so uh_what has a really good point in what he is saying.

ArduousAndy4061d ago

what i wrote was a joke.

Look at what the guy above me wrote he used the common complaints from the fanboys

the problems with program from the ps3 lack of disc space of the 360 etc

my response was in reference to him. With the OTHER complaints that people use for game delays. Like big profile games over shadowing lower profile games.

Douchebaggery4061d ago

like ArduousAndy said my comment was really not serious at all

DEADEND4061d ago

In that case sorry for wasting your time then. :)

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RadientFlux4061d ago

probably has something to due with getting PGR4 done in time