Open Letter to BBC Complaints

TSA Writes:

Below is a letter I have sent this evening to BBC Complaints department. This latest letter of complaint (there were similar letters following the Watchdog YLoD report and to ITV following the Titchmarsh debacle) is in response to the Panorama program based on the dangers of video game addiction.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3295d ago

i wrote this in the other thread but i guess it didnt approved.

If anyone wants to watch it:

Part 1 -

Part2 -

@ 2:05 in part 1, the reporter says...

"Joe has enjoyed computer games since he was a small child, but then he bought an XBOX" haha lol!

4pocalyps33295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Yeah my tutor was linking this asking students to watch it. I didn't have enough time to watch it, but from what I was utter BS.

redDevil873295d ago

It was boring and a waste of time

Kran3295d ago

lol there they are saying that game addiction is wasting the governments money. They just wasted the governments money by making a pointless episode

Half_Life_33295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

It was mega bullsh*t
E.G. that boy crying

4pocalyps33295d ago

Think they just rounded up the stereotypical gaming "addict" and asked them to be on the show, but left the gamers who have more than 2 brain cells out. What a waste of time -_-

DarkFantasy3295d ago

4pocalyps3  but that was there job to find people like that,they cant find a normal person "with more than 2 brain cells" that would not be good for there argument ,there finding every bad thing about gaming so people will believe them,there not being honest at all i will say yeah some people do have extreme addiction and would rather play WoW then feed there kids thats when it becomes a problem,it's up to people to see it like it is bull shit,i really dont understand what these gamer haters are trying to prove,maybe they couldn't beat lvl1 of cod4 who knows.

Jellzy3295d ago

Ace letter. I especially loved this tidbit;

'In fact, those financial issues faced by current and future university students might make an excellent subject for a piece of investigative journalism for a flagship current affairs program put out by a broadcaster which is funded by the people who are still saddled with thousands of pounds of debt, partly from buying television licenses.'

F*** the BBC.

Kran3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I mean what were the BBC thinking? And that kid telling us go to out and get smashed.

And before that, the BBC came up with the statistic that 12 people had died from gaming since 2005. Dunno about you, but thousands of people have died from alcohol poisoning since, oh well what do you know, EVERY YEAR IT HAPPENS!

Now I dont know about you, but which one of those two do you guys think costs the government more money?

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The story is too old to be commented.