Yu Suzuki: "Shenmue changed Final Fantasy and many other games"

GamerZines writes: "Legendary games designer Yu Suzuki has said the influence of his magnum opus 'Shenmue' has changed many games including the Final Fantasy series."

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Titanz3288d ago

The opening scene gets to me every time :(

Droid Control3288d ago

Yu is the best.

Why won't SEGA let him finish his epic shenmue trilogy?

DontShoot-Me-Bro3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

damn, i never got to try this series, i hope Sony make a HD remake or atleast bring out a new 1. looks awesome though, every picture i see of it, it reminds me of Yakuza. and i love Yakuza!!

yewles13288d ago

I LOVE Yu Suzuki, but... *looks at FFXIII* Nope, Shenmue did nothing for Final Fantasy.

Godmars2903288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Sorry, but when a game maker says that his title is an influence on the industry rather than what titles influenced his game, he's just being full of himself.

tplarkin73288d ago

He probably has insider knowledge about how it influenced FF.

lightningsax3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Okay, it's a crazy-arrogant statement, and tplarkin is right, Suzuki probably knows a lot more about its influence than we do, but look at this in context.

Shenmue was released right at the tail-end of 1999 in JP, and 2000 everywhere else. FFX development started in 1999, and it saw the light of day in 2001.

Looking at what Square did with the generational shift between PS1 and PS2, it's very easy to see a Shenmue influence; actual voice acting dominating in-game conversations, fighting being broken up by not-usually-in-gaming side tasks (even more so in FFX-2 with the promotion stuff), and just an overall feeling of getting the player immersed in a culture of some sort instead of just stages.

Also, don't underestimate its long-lasting effects on other Square franchises like Kingdom Hearts. Despite the multi-stage format of those games, you're doing a lot of getting to know each world, including doing what may seem like menial tasks in order to get you more engaged. I mean, you could write a thesis on the similarities between the first Shenmue and the first Hundred Acre Wood alone.

Yeah, that was a bit un-done in FFXIII, wasn't it? Say what you will about Gran Pulse, but even that more open world was strictly there for fights. I was hoping that when I reached the "theme park-" ish area that we'd get a little more diversionary stuff, but no, mostly more fighting. I hope they go back to presenting an entire world with their next games; Versus XIII looks a bit more Shenmue-ish with every bit of info released about it.

Anyway, what are we doing reading this re-hash article? The real stuff is right here:

Lirky3288d ago

If it came to psn or xbl , id buy it i hope microsoft and sony shares this game when it comes to downloadable game. Also i hope that it has download content lol but only for free since the game is old-onions.

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The story is too old to be commented.