Jose Gonzalez to Perform "Far Away" from Red Dead Redemption on the VGA's reports: "If you have gotten to the point in Red Dead Redemption where you have been able to hear "Far Away" from Jose Gonzalez, you have realized how powerful that song is. You now have the opportunity to see it be performed live at the Video Game Awards on Spike TV this Saturday at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST."

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PirateThom3293d ago

I actually prefer Compass and Dead Man's Gun, yet everyone raves about Far Away.

George Sears3293d ago

You got to admit though, that song was very unexpected.

PirateThom3293d ago

I wouldn't know, the game is so glitchy, it never heard it in its original setting.

George Sears3293d ago

Well I bought the game mid October so I guess they got rid of most glitches you mention because honestly, the only weird thing I saw when playing was a box floating on the middle of the road in Mexico.

TheLastGuardian3293d ago

I bought the game day 1 and I've played it for around 300 hours and I've run into only 3 glitches the whole time. RDR is my favorite game of this generation and I don't even watch western movies.

I love Far Away. I can't wait to here him perform this at the VGA's. RDR for GOTY!

grailly3293d ago

I wouldn't go as far as to say "so glitchy" but it's true that a lot of people missed the song at least once. I didn't get to here it when I got to mexico :(

but the thing is that if you had to go online to discover that you had a glitch, it really isn't such a bad glitch.

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IllusionRSN3293d ago

To me, the timing of the song during the game was amazing.

jony_dols3293d ago

Jose's songs are epic in everything.

I bought a Bravia all those years ago,
because of him.

Redlogic3293d ago

It's not really just about comparing that song to others, but its about how powerful that moment in the game was. There you are on your horse entering Mexico all alone, wandering the trail then this ultra powerful song comes on. It was easily one of the best moments I can recall in video games for me. And don't say I must be young, I'm 29 been gaming forever. That's how powerful it was for me.

@PirateThom - what does "the game is so glitchy I don't remember it in its original setting" mean? Did the song not play when you were entering Mexico or are you being sour because the ps3 port wasn't as good as the xbox version? (FYI I own the ps3 version)

swinesucker3293d ago

Agreed, I am almost half way through and I cannot progress any further. Freeze every time on both available missions. Not only is this game a horrid port that should have been gold for the PS3, it's riddles with glitches mainly for anybody with an older PS3. It is ridiculous that a game of this size was not tested properly with all SKU's. Seriously, I have to sell this game unless my new hard drive will somehow fix these problems which I hope it does.

solidboss3293d ago

i completely agree, rather hear dead mans gun than far away,

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The Matrix3293d ago

Awesome part in the game hearing this song.

Speed-Racer3293d ago

Damn, really nice song actually

IllusionRSN3293d ago

Yea, it is Racer-X. And apparently VGA thinks so too,

stylez843293d ago

Cool, should be a treat! Unfortunately I have the attention span of a goldfish and haven't got that far in RDR yet...

IllusionRSN3293d ago

Well then maybe Jose should say "spoiler warning" before singing lol!

The Matrix3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

That song reminds me of sitting on my bed during the summer exploring the wild west.

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