Homefront Multiplayer Video

Homefront Multiplayer Video shows off the factions and vehicles.

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fungmi2871d ago

The multiplayer reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company, I'm really looking forward to Homefront.

DavidMacDougall2871d ago

Reminds me of old school BF2, but it just looks to good to be true so i'm not getting my hopes up, i bet when it comes out there is crippling online problems.

SMOK3xFFx2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

It reminds me a lot of MAG, the graphics, the tanks, big teams. (even though it's not 256 BIG)

Also this game is suppose to have Dedicated servers so who knows how big the teams will be on PC.

DirtyLary2871d ago

Ya I got that same feeling. Mainly from the maps, one of the churches looks like it came right out of the Valor Sab map.

ambientFLIER2871d ago

I surely hope that it looks better than mag...

NegativeCreepWA2871d ago

These are the guys who made a few expansions for BF before making Front lines. So it really isn't a surprise the game seems similar. To me it seems like Front lines with a real single player this time around and much better graphics. Lack of jets is a bummer though and Front lines had up to 50 players instead of 32.

TheBand1t2871d ago

Desert Combat wasn't an expansion, it was a TC mod.

They also did some work on BF2.

Phlapp2870d ago

That's funny it reminded me of MW2 with the tanks rolling down the street. Not sure how this was a 'Multiplayer video' though, it all looked pretty single player to me!

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Fishy Fingers2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Awesome! This is months old.

Triggs2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

True. Directed and staged, too. Hmmm...Seems to be there's no prone. I did place my pre-order at Best Buy last weekend. Homefront and Crysis 2 will be released in the same month - so it's gonna be heavy on the wallet...or will make the wallet lighter however one looks at it.

soljah2871d ago

poor mans mag. btw vidro is old ,old video is still old

Pandamobile2871d ago

Rich man's MAG considering the graphics look a shit load better.

HeavenlySnipes2871d ago

has considerably less plaers. IDK why people expect Unharted level graphics for a game with that many players.

soljah2871d ago

pandamobile tell me what game looks better

once again homefront a poor mans mag ripoff.

ambientFLIER2871d ago


Yeah, pre-rendered cgi MAG video DOES look better than an in-game Homefront vid. You got us there...

DRIIV2871d ago

Why even bring up MAG?

Shackdaddy8362871d ago

Yeah! Fort Collins Colorado!

My hometown FTW!

Beahmscream2871d ago

Old video is old... How about some gameplay? :)

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