Blu-ray's one-disc advantage 'resonating' with gamers - EA boss

EA CEO John Riccitiello has claimed that Blu-ray gaming is coming of age after a slow start - and that the format is beginning to "resonate" with gamers.

The capacity of Blu-ray has hit the headlines a few times this year - with large games that can be accommodated on a single PS3 Blu-ray requiring multiple Xbox 360 DVDs.

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Matthew942875d ago

or get a good hard drive and download, download, download!

TheColbertinator2875d ago

It took 3 hours to download Fable 2,a 6 gig game.I can't even imagine having to turn on my system to download a 30gig game...

hennessey862875d ago

to you mate is to get virgins 50mgb broardband i can download an 8gb film in less than an hour.

TheColbertinator2875d ago


I said Fable 2(360).Microsoft wont let me put a custom HDD on my 360 or they will ban me.

pixelsword2875d ago

Why is it that people complain about MGS4's fifteen minute initial install, but a huge download taking hours is acceptable?

darthv722875d ago

there is this feeling that they will never use it properly. It was like that with CD and DVD. So much more stuff could fit on those discs (in relation to an album or movie) and yet they would still choose to put a small short like the xmas shrek or penguins of madagascar on its own disc. Waste of space.

I would expect a blu to be filled to the edge with the entire collection of series. The GoW collection is nice. Maybe they will revise it to be the ultimate GoW collection with 1, 2 and 3 on one blu. I expect to see a GT collection with the first 4 games on one blu.

Is that really to much to ask for? A full rachet collection with the ps2 classics and the quest for booty on one disc. Come on...use the discs capacity to....capacity!

djfullshred2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Download? I can still buy a game on disc at the store in about 30 minutes, including drive time. I can then let other friends borrow that disc after I have finished playing. If my system ever hoses, I still have the disc, and do not need to download again to get my game back. I can later re-sell that disc for a few bucks when I don't want it anymore.

Unless you don't have a store remotely near you, what was the benefits of digital copy only again?

Scotland-The-Brave2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

never mind

AKS2875d ago

@ darthv72

God of War III is 40 GB. Ratchet & Clank: ACiT is 24.7 GB. The 3 PS3 Ratchet & Clank titles could not fit on even a 50 GB Blu-ray. There's not as much extra space as you seem to think with some of these titles you are talking about. The games utilizing high end audio require lots of space.

the_1080p_guy2874d ago


MGS4 initial install was only 8 min (finishes around 7 min),where did you get 15 mins?

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sinncross2875d ago

Well I guess this means Dead Space Extraction will be on disc like Frontlines was for MOH.

TheCrazyMerc2875d ago

Tangible! Tangible! Tangible!

El_Colombiano2875d ago

Then the HDD fails, which it eventually will, and you will need to redownload hundreds of GBs. Then you reach your monthly cap and you can't play your games because they didn't finish downloading. Oh noes! Physical media will never die.

kaveti66162875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

My friend has downloaded, within the past 3 months, over 250 blu-ray rips in native 1080p from the internet.

Name all the ISPs that have monthly caps, please.

As for HDDs failing, that's a moot point. Discs scratch, don't they? What's the difference between holding a harddrive in your hand that has 40 game files on it, and holding a disc in your hand with one game on it?

If the HDD becomes corrupted, then all of your files can easily be backed up on a server that costs nothing. For example, all those games you purchased on STEAM are still there on your account. If you get a new computer or HDD, you can redownload them for free.

If you scratch a disc, see what happens if you take it to the store to get it replaced. They won't take it.

Digital downloads are superior. I don't give a shit about box art or instruction pamphlets. It doesn't mean shit.

yewles12875d ago

My ISP (Vegas WiFi) does have a monthly cap, jerk.

insomnium22875d ago

@ kaveti

I buy my games on discs and think it's better, you don't. It's a draw right....?

UltimateIdiot9112875d ago

Try scratching a Bluray disc. It's damn hard unless you are seriously out to destroy it.

A lot of countries outside of the US has bandwidth cap.

kornbeaner2875d ago

@ Kaveti, IF your HDD becomes corrupt and there is no way to access it, Total failure, then what? Your telling me that I have to Sit there and redownload everything I bought? Yes it's backed up and it cost you nothing but to sit there and wait Days if not more to redownload everything you bought is not practical. When it comes to disc, I suggest taking care of your disc better. I have games from years ago, I have Movies I bought years ago that don't have a single scratch on them. Call it anal, but I paid money for those things and I take care of them very well. The occasional download is not bad, but to have a complete collection of nothing but downloadables is setting yourself up for frustration should something goes wrong with your device.

El_Colombiano2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

I bet you live in the US don't you kaveti. You speak for yourself when you try stating that ISPs don't cap monthly, but they do almost everywhere else in the world. Also, try scratching a Bluray disk to the point it will not work. Good luck. Hard drives are guaranteed to fail, it's just how they're built. Disks will last forever unless you're an incompetent fool.

PS. The US isn't the world. Not even half of it. Scary thought, I know.

kaveti66162875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

you guys are all fools. Yes, I live in the US. Big deal. There are better ISPs outside of the US. You guys should do your fucking research.

Oh wait, it's your ignorance of technology that forces you to cling on to physical formats.

Btw, I don't pirate. I mentioned that I was talking about a friend.

poopoojames2875d ago

I agree with kaveti 100%, and I pirate films.

xTruthx2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Srry kaveti but your an a.h :/ & thank god your not in marketing or else you would be fired already

kwyjibo2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

"Physical media will never die."

Tell that to the record companies. HDDs will fail, but storage is getting cheaper, and connections getting faster. SSDs will last longer than your precious plastic disks ever will.

djfullshred2875d ago

I have had to download about 25 games after my first PS3 died. It sucked. On rare occasions where a game is on disc & DLC, I will drive to the store & buy the disc everytime. Not having the installation disc or file on some backup media of any software is lame, whether that is games or any other program.

And those that think the big time brick & morter retailers don't have very strong influence in having software on physical media in their stores, are not looking at the whole picture.

Scotland-The-Brave2875d ago

youre a fool kavett6616

most isps in the uk say they are unlimited but have a fair usage policy which is around 50 - 100gb depending on isp.

theroadtoruin2875d ago

actually blurays are scratch resistant.

Lawliet2874d ago


MANY ISP has limited monthly bandwidth and MOST of them even throttled P2P connection. You expect everyone in the WORLD to have the same luxury service your friend(Just a dust) is getting?

And not every HDD can last you more than 3-5years if you heavily read&write processing like every week. If that sh!t broken your stuff is GONE. Even warranty couldn't save for what is lost. Just imagine to redownload or even make a backup of a 2TB of data?! Even the fastest [email protected] would Cost you massive bucks and hours!

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Kewl_Kat2875d ago

hard copy:
- not all games are downloadable
- excellent internet connection is still highly expensive
- games in cases are eye candy
- easily bring a game to a friend's or relative's house
- hard drives surprisingly fill up pretty quick
- easily trade for another game or sold for cash
- hard drive damage causes more problems than disc damage
- psn and live aren't near as good and reliable as steam
- a downloadable game isn't as good of a gift as a hard copy

Only reason I bought games off steam is because of deals,bundles and discounts. Orange box, cs source, and bad company 2 were so cheap on steam! Other than that, I would prefer discs over digital copy anytime.

2875d ago
ComboBreaker2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

"or get a good hard drive and download, download, download!"

People already so impatient and complaining about downloading a 50 MB Firmware update, how the h*ll are they going to be able to wait for a 50 GB game download?

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Neckbear2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

If only read speeds were faster...

That's the only flaw Blu-Rays have.


Hm. Who knows. Honestly, I think it's a blu-ray limitation, but hell, I honestly don't know.

I'm just as clueless as you are, however, I've only read that the main problem Blu-Rays have is the read speed. If it's a device or a format limitation, I do not know.

Moreover, I'm sure they're working on improving it. If they want Blu-Rays to be a versatile media for the next generation of videogames, that's it.


Well, thanks for the info. Hopefully we'll see faster readers soon enough.

Nineball21122875d ago

Is that the Blu-Ray format or the limitations of the device that reads the discs?

I wouldn't think the actual format of Blu-Rays would be the problem, but I don't know much about it to be honest.

PirateThom2875d ago

Yeah, it's only the device. Like CD and DVD faster readers/writers will appear.

zootang2875d ago

It doesn't seem to be a problem for exclusives like Uncharted 2, GoW3 or Killzone 2. I think more is made of it than should be.

PirateThom2875d ago

Those games are just incredibly smart about the data usage and are constantly streaming and use cutscenes to pre-load the next section.

Definitely more made of it that should be, due to the hard drive negating it (how people can actually use installs as a negative is still beyond me when reading from a HDD is quicker than a disc in ALL cases), but those games are shining examples of high end design and technical knowledge rather than the norm sadly.

dalibor2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The read speed for blur ray is consistent throughout the whole disk where as dvd is read fast on the inner side of data but decreases on the outermost side of the data. I read about this a long time ago, but basically blu ray will get better as far as read speeds go.

Below: Chris399 you beat me to it. Good to see some people know about it

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Chris3992875d ago

DVD does not. Plus all PS3s have hard-drives. Some (few) 360 games are optimized for installs, but not many. PS3s have this luxury (and sometimes necessity) with every game.

Sony just built their hardware better this gen.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

speeds will get faster.

This is a very young tech.

this is sure going to advance and get bigger and faster.

first it was 25gb blu ray discs, then 50gb, and a few months ago they came out with 150gb or 200gb discs, but they cant be used with the current blu rays that the ps3 uses.

this tech will sure advance and im guessing pretty quick, its made in technology heaven from the best tech companys around (Japan).

Blu-ray Disc Founders:

* Sony Corporation
* 20th Century Fox
* Dell
* Hewlett Packard
* Hitachi
* LG Electronics
* Panasonic Corporation
* Mitsubishi Electric
* Philips
* Pioneer
* Samsung Electronics
* Sharp
* Thomson

Godmars2902875d ago

All I'm hearing is that the PS4 will have a faster drive and handle larger discs. That plus Sony looking for dev input for the OS and tools will mean alot.

PshycoNinja2875d ago

but its not really a problem if you take your time while coding or creating an engine.

The reason blu rays read slower........ I need a white bored for this to explain it properly but its because of how the laser in all blu ray machines. And the disks themselves (ah this is the part I need a white board for) but it how the data is burned onto the bluray disk. Bluray reads at a constant speed while DVD can go faster if need be.

Man I wish I can show you guys on a white board so I can explain it better.

04soldier2875d ago

you could always record a youtube vid showing us this...or even a few images..

insomnium22875d ago

How about we get together so you can teach us the old fashioned way.

edhe2874d ago

Whilst the dvd has a variable spin rate due to it's nature and the BD drive is standard you can still get faster BD drives which will read as fast, or faster, than DVD drives.

The only reason the ps3 drive is slower than the 360 one is because it's a first gen drive and they can't upgrade it due to keeping the platform the same.

kneon2875d ago

The PS3 drive is only a 2x drive, you can buy at least 12x drives for PCs now that blow any DVD drive out of the water. It's probably too expensive for Sony to go with 12x on the PS4 but I expect at least a 6-8x drive and at least 100Gb disks

jukins2875d ago

even with slower speeds i believe bluray drives read a larger amount of data then a faster speed dvd drive

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eferreira2875d ago

sonys next gen console will have a faster blu ray drive. ps1 wasnt reading disc's 52x lol.

GodsHand2875d ago

Imagine if it did. That would be one loud PS1.

SnakeMustDie2875d ago

EA boss stating the obvious.
The only problem with Blu-ray is slow read speed

Masterchef20072875d ago

I agree but some devs have found a way around the slow read speed

dorron2875d ago


I hate GT5's loading times, which would be way shorter if the drive could read faster,, but it's a price I'm glad to pay to play that masterpiece of a game.

duplissi2875d ago

that slow speed is about equal to the dvd 9 max read in the xbox...

insomnium22875d ago

Exactly. DVD x9 is a little faster on the outer rings and a little slower in the inner rings. This should be common knowledge by now. It all evens out so that dvd x9 and BD x2 (the one that is in PS3 iirc) are both just as fast when they are used in games.

dorron2875d ago

Which doesn't make it fast enough neither for DVD nor BR...

IHateYouFanboys2875d ago

100% incorrect.

the read speed of the PS3s blu-ray drive is a constant 9mb/s. the read speed of the 360s DVD drive is a variable speed between 8mb/s and 16mb/s.

so at the very, very slowest read speed, the 360s drive is 1mb/s slower than the PS3s blu-ray drive. but even if it reads in the middle somewhere, its going to be 3mb/s - or 33% of the PS3s read speed - faster. this isnt the first time people have used DVDs either, so they know where to store the data on the disc - they put the data that is accessed the most in the highest read speed areas, and leave stuff that is cached etc or not used often in the slower areas.

tl;dr version: incorrect, the 360s average read speed is noticeably higher than the PS3s average/constant read speed.

athlon7702875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

You are kind of right, but just placing direct numbers will only get you part of the way. To lock down the numbers a bit better.

taken from the following site

2x Blu-ray Drive (72Mbps(9MB/s))
Single Layer (2x CLV) - Constant Linear Velocity (Same speed across entire disk)
Double Layer - Couldn't find any data but no games have been released on a double layer yet.

Entire Blu-ray Disk is read at 9MB/s.

12x DVD-Rom Drive SL (9.25MB/S-15.85MB/s(AVG ~8x(10.57MB/s) DL (4.36MB/s-10.57MB/s(AVG ~6x(7.93MB/s)
SL(DVD-5) 12x Max (5-12x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)
DL(DVD-9) 8x Max (3.3-8x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)

SL DVD is 1.57MB/s > SL Blu-ray
DL DVD is 1.07MB/s < SL Blu-ray

Majority of 360 games are on DVD-9.

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Simco8762875d ago

Microsoft will probably go disc-less in the next generation. Which would be a mistake, but they seem to be doing everything right except for their format... we will see

-MD-2875d ago

I'd be willing to bet money that Microsoft uses bluray in their next console.

Gambit072875d ago

My guess, they'll go with VHS.

kreate2875d ago

"they seem to be doing everything right except for their format"

format + hardware + 60 dollar subscription fee = needs fixing

other than that. microsoft surprised everyone this generation =)

BYE2875d ago

Core titles for 2011 = need fixing.

Matthew942875d ago

pc is nearly all digital and its doing fine. id say microsoft will be too if they dont overprice the hdds... which they probs will

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