Sony List Top Ten PlayStation Move Favorites

Sony has listed their top ten favorite PlayStation Move titles for the holiday season.

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Matthew942925d ago

it only has 10 so they just put them in order

Shazz2925d ago

lmao really is that right only ten.

kung fu rider
start the party
heavy rain
planet minigolf
hustle kings
sports champions
pdc world darts
the fight
tv superstars
racket sports
resident evil 5 gold edition
john daleys golf
time crisis
flight control
high velocity bowling
singstar dance

there is more i have missed also

remanutd552925d ago

Sly Cooper Collection

Christopher2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Funky Lab Rat
echochrome 2 (next week)
Aragorn's Quest

dragonyght2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

sword and soldiers
beat sketcher
dance dance revolution
i heard madden support cant confirm dont have the game

Parapraxis2925d ago

Still trolling I see Matthew94.

jneul2925d ago

lol really and what age do you live in i guess you have been in a cave for longer since than september

TheLastGuardian2925d ago

Is this really their top 10 or the top 10 Move games they want you to buy? RE5: Gold Edition is my favorite so far. Sports Champions is really fun but it gets boring and repetitive after the first week. I don't see who Sports Champions appeals to. It's too hard for casual gamers and theres not enough content for core gamers.

jneul2924d ago

sports champions is about making your skills better i can tell you that much, at first i sucked at table tennis and now i'm really good at it, i have had to think of new tactics and get better at table tennis to actually succeed, wheras on the wii next to no effort was required me, i like a challenge now i have the gold cup on table tennis

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Christopher2925d ago

It takes a while to get used to it, but it's not so bad. Very different experience. I find running and gunning much easier with Move and sniping much easier with DS3 so far.

PinkFunk2925d ago

I bought MAG a week ago. I also just got the Move before that so I needed a deeper experience other than sports champions. MAG has become one of my favorite FPS games, especially with the Move. I prefer it, from a veteran Counter-Strike (CS 1.4-1.6) player, it's like using a mouse. Greater precision and flexibility, and it really immerses you in the experience. Feels like you're holding a gun.

Anyway, MAG itself is awesome, people actually work together and the mission objectives make sense. Totally underrated IMO.

dalibor2925d ago

I wonder how that list will look like a year from now? It will only get better, I need to pick up Move, still haven't gotten around to it. It would be cool if an RTS game came out specifically for the Move. I need an RTS game, I like all genres of gaming really.

pork_chop_express2925d ago

Whats RUSE!? cooking mama nazi edition?

Buffniceguy2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Dude they have a RTS game for the move I think it's a Ubisoft game.

Grodd2925d ago

Here's my top 5 list for games using the Move
5. Time Crisis Raising Storm/ Deadstorm Pirates
4. Sports Champions
3 The Shoot
2 Heavy Rain
1 Cabela Dangerous Hunts (Amazing shooting galleries)

Next Move games I'm going to get are Toy Story 3 and Eyepet

Cajun Chicken2925d ago

Agggh! My PS Move hasn't arrived on my birthday!:(

I was so looking forward to Tumble!

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