Microsoft's Missing the Boat on Kinect for Office

InternetRevolution: As an Xbox add-on, Microsoft Kinect demonstrates admirable innovation, though I personally like more tactile feedback in my game experiences.

But when it comes to Microsoft’s integration of the technology, I think Kinect misses the point that Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates made during the days of Microsoft’s antitrust battles, and as recently as its November 2010 shareholder meeting -- namely, that holding the company together creates greater innovation and value.

Every computer user who enjoyed Minority Report will recognize the similarities between Kinect and the user interface innovations imagined for that movie. Microsoft hasn't said anything about Kinect for Office, though it's hinted at other consumer applications. Third parties are already hacking Kinect to transform it into a virtual multi-touch input device.

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drsnobby3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Sorry,but have i read this kind of article before? this device is a month old and it,s new to the market so why does the author of this peice expects the bells and whistles out the gate.the PS3,360 and Wii got better features over time.kinect and even ps move will get better over time when developers learn how to work with the hardware.i see the authors point but same old argument.

jbiz3203292d ago

Could be interesting but soooo not ready yet.. maybe like 3rd or 4th generation Kinect. This article is FAIL. How do they know Microsoft isnt already looking into this?