Trilogy of DLC - Part 2: Bad DLC

Ryan Syrett for writes: Considering the discussion on my last feature: ‘Are we getting swindled my first hand DLC?’ I decided to write a couple of follow up features on the subject of DLC in general, since that’s where the comments tended to end up.
I see a pretty big division between gamers when it comes to this matter. Some feel it is our right to have every single game enhancing DLC for free, simply because it should be a ‘thank you’ to everyone who went out and brought the game in the first place. Some people argue that a lot of DLC is cut from the original game while in production, just so the publishers can make a few more bucks.
On the other hand some people see no issues paying what they see as a fair amount for any decent DLC. It’s an extra bit of story to their favorite game; a new area to explore, a couple of new features that may change a game’s dynamic. Why isn’t it worth money? The developers have worked long and hard on it so you can’t expect it for free!

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FACTUAL evidence3293d ago

When DLC is not planned, and fans demand it it's cool. But when you sit up there and plan DLC before the game even releases that's a major problem.

SMOK3xFFx3293d ago

You've got all the right tags thats for sure, RB/GH/CoD are worst for DLC.

Arup023293d ago

MW2=expensive DLC=Maps=fail

christheredhead3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

i rarely buy dlc. it always feels like im buying content that should have been on the disk. if its a game i really want ill usually hold out to see if they release a game of the year edition, which, they usually do. red dead has done a good job with dlc by offering packs with a major amount of content so you definitely get your moneys worth. i just hate when i buy a fighting game or a racing game and see a character or car pack with new items like a day or 2 later. so irritating.

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