10 PSP 2 Games that should be Present at Launch

GB: "Even though the PlayStation Portable is a great device for gaming and your other media needs, there is one area the hardware has not excelled in. It hasn’t gotten great games consistently. I actually don’t know the reason behind it, may be due to lack of publisher support or a tedious development process. One thing is for sure if the PSP had a stellar line up it could have performed as well as the DS.

In order for the much hyped and awaited PSP 2, it is necessary for Sony to start off with a bang. And the only way to do that is to offer great games right from Day One. Through this article we hope that whatever games we have listed here will be available whenever the PSP 2 comes out and will justify gamers to pick one up!"

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graciousd2875d ago

Another God of War game on PSP2 would be a blown off!

Shikoro2875d ago

That would be awesome, but I would love something like Killzone: Liberation on the PSP2 on which I spent hundreds of hours. If not in 3rd person perspective, 1st person would be awesome as well. :)

Red_Orange_Juice2875d ago

Call of Duty with multiplayer, and PSP2 sells like crazy

zeeshan2875d ago

You guys keep forgetting METAL GEAR SOLID!!! An MGS game as PSP2 launch lineup would be epic!

HolyOrangeCows2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

-Call of Duty: _________ (Would be an absolute killer app on a handheld with 2 sticks)
-Demon's Souls Portable
-Red Faction: ________ *FPS, please - RF1 remake? :)
-Resistance: ________
-Uncharted: ________
-Hitman: ________

A gamer can dream, can't he?

darthawesome902875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

What I think the PSP 2 needs:

1. A real Final Fantasy (Crisis Core was good but not a real FF) like from the Squaresoft days.
2. FFVI, VII or a Chrono Trigger HD
3. Kingdom Hearts
4. A Bioware RPG (PS3 will soon have Mass Effect 2)
5. Jak
6. Elder Scrolls portable
7. New IPs (mostly RPGs)

TheLastGuardian2875d ago

Come on, Assassins Creed Bloodlines blows. Put Twisted Metal: Head On 2 in it's place. I'd love to see a Sly spin off and an Uncharted spin off on PSP2. I'm all for another Resistance on PSP2. Also since the PSP1 couldn't handle it hopefully Rockstar will take advantage of the PSP2 hardware and finally make GTA: San Andreas Stories.

rrw2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Add monster hunter and guarantee it will not fail.
Alternatively, make something like pokemon or layton

gameseveryday2875d ago

That is listed on the last page as an honorable mention.

cyborg2875d ago

The PSP 2's launch will be incomplete without that.

Good list though

Otheros002875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

That game is already out in japan for the psp1.
I think you mean monster hunter portable 4th.

TheGrimBunny2875d ago

PSP 2? I didn't even know this was coming. Sweet!

halocursed2875d ago

To the 3DS fanboys, WATCHOUT!

smashman982875d ago

wait... theres already 3ds fanboys?

firefoxprime2875d ago

C'mon now. 3DS fanboys? Lets not jump the gun, shall we? I will definetly be purchasing a aquous blue 3DS next year. I will also be buying a psp2 next year. Its called the "best of both worlds".

3DS =3D handheld gaming
PSP2=HD handheld gaming + 2 analogs :P

So go ahead. Enjoy your lil exclusive fanboy war. While I'm playin "both" systems. Ha.

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