GameFly announces end of the year sale

Today in their December e-mail newsletter, GameFly announced their annual Year-End sale featuring free shipping on all used titles in the store at greatly discounted prices.

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cr1361242873d ago

Sweet! I will have to check what they have available.....hopefully something good.

Neo Nugget2873d ago

Lots of deals from Gamefly lately O_O

DirtyLary2873d ago

lame considering BC2 was just on sale last week at GameFly for $14.99

Hell of a sale!

Bolts2873d ago

Is Singularity for the PS3 worth $11?

Xander7562873d ago

Well pretty much any game is worth $10-$11 but Singularity isn't really that bad so yeah it is definitely worth picking up. Wait till the 22nd though so you can get free shipping.