Gran Turismo 5 Easy Money Tutorial ($17.4k in Under 3 Min)

RipTen: "Looking to make easy money quick in Gran Turismo 5? Check out this tutorial of how to make over 17k in under 3 minutes!!"

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CrzyFooL2899d ago

Corvettes!! lol

I am so trying this when I get home. Don't tell Kaz ;-)

Downtown boogey2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

You can get 24k in under 3:40 in the British Lightweight series on the TG test track too.

I don't know if you can do the special events repeatedly while earning money, but assuming you can... Let's just say that carting should be rather lucrative.

Dee_912899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

i get 70k in 3:00 in fly like the wind ..

no you dont earn money twice in special events

joydestroy2899d ago

i think i'll take 83k for 5min. and soon 98k in 5min with the American Championship races

SasanovaS19872899d ago

i do what downtown does. i usually finish in 2:55. my quickest 24k was in 2:49.500 or so...

can anyone tell me how to get those super race cars...i cant seem to compete in the last 2 races in expert, and none in extreme...

do i really have to save up 15 mil?

joydestroy2899d ago


no but you will eventually for some of the Extreme races. you can beat most of the Expert tier with Buggati, Lambo SV, or the Audi Quatro car. you'll need a race car for next to last race set in Expert.

you can beat some of the Extreme tier with those same cars. Historic car race you'll need a race car, same for dream car and a few others in there.

hay2899d ago

Doing it with tuned Veyron takes 2 minutes to complete race. You can obtain Veyron on 14th level, tune it(a bit more than 100k) and you can farm.

MariaHelFutura2899d ago

98k in 4 mins is the best I`ve seen so far.

I`m level 23.

Sarcasm2899d ago

98k American Championship with the oval track. Use a Nascar, drive smooth and consistent and in 4 mins easy money and 4400+ experience.

But come on, the easiest money comes from completing all the special events especially the AMG driving school. It's easy peasy driving an SLS in the rain.

GT is the only series that tries to teach people the value of improving your skills.

ChineseDemocracy2898d ago

Turbo Race (level 17?)

36,000 for a 3-lap around Highspeed Ring. That's my farming tool for now; finals next week, only level 18 blah.

jeseth2898d ago

Just going to throw this out there . . . .

GT5 is awesome . . . and I love it !!!!


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The_Claw2899d ago

i figured this out a long time ago. problem is after 4 or 5 times it gets extremely boring. if your level 19 do the polyphony digital cup. 196,010 cr./ 12,306 exp for 3 races. at least its a little variety than going fast and turning left.

Maddens Raiders2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Damn I'm just so happy that I finally got gold on IC-10 license test. I feel like a human being again after failing for days. What a beast of a challenge!

Downtown boogey2898d ago

The hardest thing I'v done in the game, too!
Didn't take me days though, but still quite freaking happy I got thru it!

Kon_Artist 2898d ago

a lot easier if you do the turbo challenge in expert i think. you get 36,000 for 3 laps in high speed ring. i use my chrome 870 horse power audi r8. its very easy

tacosRcool2898d ago

It took this long for somebody to post this?

I found this out as soon as I reached level whatever it is to race that race

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jaredhart2899d ago

Sweet! Can't wait to do this!!

FishCake9T42899d ago

F+++ the Corvette
I did this in my 800bhp Lamborghini.

Rage_S902899d ago

lambos are a b*tch to control lol

hay2899d ago

I did this with my 1175BPH Bugatti Veyron...

SuperStrokey11232899d ago

you guys all want a cookie or something?

kwicksandz2899d ago

i do bspec in my 920hp formula gt

zeph942898d ago

I did this with my faggio....oh wait

Ve3tro2899d ago

Attempting it now. ;d

CrzyFooL2899d ago

PM me and let me know if it works please.

sackgirl2899d ago

I want restart race option after finishing :S

mandf2899d ago

Yeah replay fools me every time.