Wolfenstein 3D Recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta

One LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta user, “RAPHAEL,” has created a Wolfenstein 3D-like level in the game – proving how versatile the new creation tools are.

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jaredhart2875d ago

Awesome, can't wait to get this game!

-Mezzo-2875d ago

Same Here, Cannot Wait.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2875d ago

aww even the bullets and knives look cute in LBP2. : )

King-Leonidas2875d ago

lol when he was knifing i was like awww

jony_dols2875d ago

Imagine what will be created when the full game is released to the masses!

My god!

piroh2875d ago

it only does everything

Red_Orange_Juice2875d ago


I hope SOny won't be blocking all those copyrighted levels :)

Danteh2875d ago

Incredible, this game has so much potential it's scary... and this is only a beta!!

For me LBP1 is the best game this gen, it's the only game that made me feel that "magic" of old times, amazing

HolyOrangeCows2875d ago

Woah. LBP2 is looking ridiculously ambitious.

captain-obvious2874d ago

i got dizzy watching that
but damn is it cool

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King-Leonidas2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

they should call it Sackstein xD


wait crap he's named it Sackenstein nvm lol

DigitalAnalog2875d ago

I expect an update to have a full proper First-person support because seriously, this is just insane!

-End of Line

UnbiasedTroll2875d ago

first day buy. Customisation looks awesome. creativity unleashed

nsnsmj2874d ago

How. Is. This. Possible????

I got this game pre-ordered, can't wait!!

Theonik2874d ago

I think he's using the music board to spawn pre-made level segments to simulate 3D scrolling. Hence the jaggyness. (too few segments = low res enviroment

Mizz_mai2874d ago

(look's at the new 360 S i just bought for but was rejected by my bf)..WHERES YOUR GAMES!!!!!!!

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wwm0nkey2875d ago

Now this is pretty damn impressive.

greeneggsnsam2875d ago

It looks a bit shit but it's a cool concept.

CobraKai2875d ago

I was like; "wow this is neat but I'm getting sick". But it shows the versitility of LBP2

fr0sty2875d ago

I imagine with time they'll improve on the methods used to create the level, and hopefully MM will also likely see this and update LBP to be more friendly to the "cheat" they're using to making the graphics so it produces smoother results.

multipayer2874d ago

It looks like a poor flash game, this would be great if it could be played 4 players online because there is not a whole lot of flash games like that...yet. But I think that would be impossible, with the way the level has to load material and sackboys stay on the same screen.

Gawdl3y2874d ago

That is no longer a limitation. You can set separate cameras for players.

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xtremexx2875d ago

You Cant Argue With LBP2 :P