Spawn Kill Community Voice: Do We Need An Uncharted Movie?

Spawn Kill's Eric Galaviz reflects on the recent announcements regarding the Uncharted film, "The recent announcement of Mark Wahlberg being cast as Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie, not to mention the extreme liberties they seem to be taking with the games’ stories, were not only disappointing, but it also got me thinking, 'Do we even need an Uncharted movie?' Granted, I would loved to had seen Nathan Fillion as Drake instead of Wahlberg, but even then, could anyone but Fillion do any justice to the franchise? Even if the writers of the movie followed the story of Uncharted 1 or 2 line for line, is that something gamers would want to see? The story in both titles worked so well within the game, I don’t see a point in creating a movie based on those games. "

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Drachaus2873d ago

Need? No. Inevitable? Yes. That being said, I think Nathan Fillion would have made a great Mr. Drake

metsgaming2872d ago

it doesnt matter if the actor is fillion or mark wahlbergh. The story is trash, if the story was the same than yes it would be more important but since the story is horrible it doesnt matter who the actor is.

The Matrix2873d ago

Do we need another one of these news articles?

dwightmccarthy2873d ago

dont need another video game movie from a franchise that already has a great story.

fonzii2872d ago

I dunno, I keep waiting for the ONE video game movie to come out that actually WORKS. If they keep pumping them out, I'm sure one day they'll get the formula right. With that said, I'm tired of terrible video game movies T_____T

rrquinta2872d ago

I'm afraid I don't think this is going to be it...

tigresa2872d ago

The only good game movie was Silent Hill. :S

Mr Tretton2872d ago

hell no. that movie was an insult. totally fucked up the story

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The story is too old to be commented.