The First PlayStation Rewards Program Quest Guide

Yesterday Sony revealed the Questing system for the PlayStation Rewards program, which will give PlayStation 3 owners fun ways to upgrade their status in the program's eyes. We've got the first nine quests right here.

The PlayStation Rewards program isn't only about earning free avatars, themes, and PlayStation Home items. It's about proving your loyalty to the brand, and that goes beyond simply playing games. No, in order to be a true PlayStation rewards member and achieve the coveted legendary status, you're going to have to go on quests.

Which quests? These quests right here. Reader Chris Ketchum sends along a list of the first nine quests to hit the beta for Sony's PlayStation 3 loyalty program, and as you can plainly see, excitement awaits us when the program goes live in April.

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swifel2963d ago

Why the fuck would anyone do this?

Christopher2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Confused by your question considering it is entirely optional, only benefits the user and costs them nothing to do most of the quests while it nets them a higher rewards score to get free things.

Also, this is a horrible guide. It's really just a list of the current quests.

There's a real guide to the quests on the Rewards Beta Forums for those that are in the Beta.

Marceles2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I saw that guide and I cant even go by it...for one the guy who made it is a Select member and there's people already Pro. Also the rewards bar hasn't even updated so who knows if the guide really works. It's all made by common sense.

Christopher2963d ago

People that are pro buy a lot of PSN content (mostly Movies and TV). It's not because they know more, they just spend more.

His guide is as accurate of a reference as we have to date.

Stark2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

im in this reward beta on my old psn account.but i made a new 1 both are psn+ acc i just use my old 1 for too lazy to rearn my stats/trophies with playstaion.but i did enroll for the free trip to E3 2011.

Off topic can anyone tell me how's the KZ3 beta im so envious i could't join in my new acc. >.<
psn- Xx-STARKxX