Resistance 3: The Story So Far Plus Co-Op

PSBlog - "Hopefully you had a chance to check out the teaser for our new trailer which will premier exclusively this Saturday during the Spike Video Game Awards (check your local listings for time and network if you’re outside the US). And, we look forward to sharing more with you about the trailer after the VGAs this weekend. But even prior to the VGAs, a lot of new info has hit since GamesCom via a couple magazine covers that you may have seen – but if you missed it, we’re here to catch you up."

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farhsa20082870d ago

Cant wait to hear more news, day 1 buy!

SuperStrokey11232870d ago

Agreed, love the series.

I still think we are going to see Hale at the end of the game, likely not helping us either. Interesting to see that the Chimera have essentially split into 2 different groups (sorta).

This is the thing im most looknig forward to on teh VGAs

scar202870d ago

Maybe he's the final boss anyway looking forward to this game ugghhh sony ive at least waisted over $300 on your games for next year thanx for letting me go broke:).

beavis4play2869d ago

i'm looking forward to this too - but i'm more excited at the possibility of (FINALLY?)seeing a trailer for agent.

and, of course, if a syphon filter trailer was shown - i think i'd pass out with excitement.

ico922870d ago

im still sad by the removal of the 8 player co-op,but still this could be the 1st post apocalyptic road trip game ever.

And YESSS the weapon wheel returns, why the fuck did they remove it from FOM

showtimefolks2869d ago

instead of 2 years 3 years of dev time
weapon wheel
better graphics
better story(hopefully)
more dedicated online
co-op story
more more options also some dlc support


if both KZ3 and resistance 3 come out in 2011 its a win for us gamers

and on top of that can anyone imagine if uncharted 3 would also drop in 2011 OH DAMN

september:twisted metal
october:resistance 3
november:uncharted 3


i will be so happy yet so broke lol

TheLastGuardian2869d ago

I'm getting more and more excited for this game as time goes on. I hope some gameplay will be shown at the VGAs.

dalibor2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Why let your eyes do all the work, here let your ears have some fun

R3 seems like another great addition to the Resistance universe. A Resistance movie could be kick*ss if done right. Wanted to add there should be an option to make ammo scarce or plentiful. That would be a cool twist to how you play.

Vherostar2869d ago

Co-op story confirmed! Day 1 buy!

Nineball21122869d ago

Yeah, this is on my definite "must buy" list.

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farhsa20082870d ago

I do hope Hale is in the game so he can kick Capelli's ass for R2.

Convas2870d ago

But why? Hale had become a Chimera. Chimera = Bad.

farhsa20082870d ago

Well capell made life difficult for Hale, you should never be mean to a dying man :-)

Convas2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Well, yes ... Capelli was a bit of a jackass towards Hale ... but He was very respectful when he capped him. ROFL!

bananlol2870d ago

We dont know if the chimera are actually the bad guys. Something tells me that the ones who made the gray tech will make the series take a drastic turn.

ngecenk2870d ago

i actually hope the other way around. hale become the big boss and capelli have to kill him.

dalibor2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Why not have Capellie fight Hale and then revert him back to (spoiler) human form or a chimera/human hybrid that is able to talk and remember his past? Hale deserves this much, he is a hero in R1 and R2. A lot of ways going about this wonder what Insomniac is going to do.

trainsinrdr2870d ago

theres only so long you drag out a crappy storyline

huzzaahh2870d ago

Get out of here, troll.

trainsinrdr2870d ago

if a troll is someone who gives there opinion then yh i suppose i am 1

Godmars2902870d ago

Halo? Gears? COD?

Yes, all FPS drag out crappy storylines. What's your point?

Dark-Cloud42869d ago

go shake your ass with kinect , fanboy .... resistance have a good story not like halo or even gears ..

Swiftfox2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Giving an opinion is one thing.

However, if you are going to give an opinion that counters that of a popular view, you should really state your point fully.

You think the story line is crappy. Why? Is it because of the characters? Pacing? Narrative? The way the characters interact with the world around them? Context? Explaining these things will better support your opinion and make you seem like an adult who's words are worth reading, and not a 4 year old complaining that spinach "tastes like doody."

DK_Kithuni_712869d ago

Man, you are way off.

Resistance : Fall of Man is on my PS3 top 5 list the gen. It was so good. Hell, it was great. Amazing even! Resistance 2 was good too. Hopefully Resistance 3 will be epic. So far it looks and sounds fantastic.

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Godmars2902870d ago

Really not getting how humanity is fighting, losing, a war of extermination, and what's left of the army discharges someone who then refuses to fight on top of that.

SuperStrokey11232870d ago

Well it could be a case of thinking that he thinks the brass and the way they are fighting the war is a no win venture and that he cant save his family if he strikes out on his own and simply avoids the baddies. Its happened before in the real world countless times.

OddBoxx2870d ago

Your killing me PLAYSTATION BLOG, why can't you just give me the game now, wish I could have this game to play over the Christmas holiday while I'm not busy working!

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