Top Ten Video Game Catchphrases

Dealspwn: 'Quotability is very important these days if you want to be cool, and games are stuffed full of catchphrases and sayings that hope to become a staple of playground banter and water cooler debate. We figured we’d round up ten of the best video game catchphrases this week for you. There are some that are funny, other inadvertently so; some that are pesky and irritating, some that you just can’t seem to get out out of your head; some that will blow your mind.

As usual, let us know what you think, if you’ve got any particular favourites of your own, in the comments box below.'

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Cajun Chicken2876d ago

Duke's infamous phrase is out of a John Carpenter film named They Live. Just saying, it isn't actually Dukes. But he uses it well.

FuzzyPixels2876d ago

It is indeed. Featuring Rowdy Roddy Piper and the fantastic Keith David. Still a kick-ass line, mind.