Which Console Exclusive Will Win This Holiday Season ?

Will it be, Super Mario Galaxy from Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which are both exclusive to the Nintendo Wii ? or will it be Halo 3, the very 'highly' anticipated exclusive title for Xbox 360 with already over a million pre-orders ? or could it possibly be the "Mass Effect," a galaxy-spanning role-playing game from "Knights of the Old Republic" from developer BioWare? or can Insomniac's make wonders with their "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction" firs debut on the PS3 ?

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TriggerHappy4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Yeah me too, with over 13 mill and still going strong and who dont love Mario ? 360 will come in strong as well followed by the PS3.

This season will be decided based on the console with the largest install based. But Halo 3 will probably win still.

nix4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

Hands down!

am not a Wii fan but yeah... the numbers are with them.

Wingnut264084d ago

Wii has a bunch of support right now and those 2 exclusives are major.

nobizlikesnowbiz4084d ago

Yea. I expect H3 to be one a the best selling games of all time. But I don't know if it can overcome the Wii's numbers.

MikeGdaGod4084d ago

but i hate Nintendo games. i never wanna play another Mario game EVER

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blusoops4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I put my money on Super Smash Bros. Brawl....Even I am thinking of getting a Wii just for this game!
And as Merc3nary says...huge user base and still growing!

Bloodmask4084d ago

Halo 3 will rule the roost this Holiday season. Not to mention that XBOX 360 has the highest games attach rate of any console at 6.2.

With more preorders than the entire PS3 install base there is no doubt that Halo 3 will reign supreme in sales this Holiday season.

blusoops4084d ago

What do you mean by "highest attach rate @6.2" and where did you get this figure?...just asking not trying to debate.

ItsDubC4084d ago

How does attach rate pertain to a discussion about a single game (Halo 3)?

sticky doja4084d ago

Basically it means that people that own 360's buy lots of games, unlike the Wii owners. Who is not gonna buy Halo 3 that already has a 360? Not very many people. Also people will buy the 360 just for Halo 3. My bet is on Halo 3 as well, but Smash Bros and Mario will come in a very close 2nd and 3rd.

tplarkin74084d ago

As of Aug 24, 2007 the attach rate for games per 360 is 6.2

Vertius4084d ago

There aren't more Halo 3 pre-orders than there is PS3s. That was a lie that spread about some months ago. Gamestop has over 1 million pre-orders, there are 4-5 million PS3s.

nobizlikesnowbiz4084d ago

I wish they would release the official total of pre-orders from all around.

I mean, if Gamestop has over 1 mil, theres bound to be a lot more pre-orders with other companies.

We will see how many sell on the 25th.

My local Gamestop has over 350 pre-orders. In order to get the game I'm going to have to be there at like 10 PM. And I still probably won't get a copy.

BubblesDAVERAGE4084d ago

high attach rate is not a good thing this early in the game it means you are not selling systems...and the same people are just buying games.... loser

eLiNeS4083d ago

Don't believe me, just look at amazons Bestsellers list

Not one, not two, but three separate SKUs in the top 15 for HALO 3, it has WON already!!!!

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reaperxciv4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

LAIR: the crown jewel of the most advanced game console today!



rubarb234084d ago

dude i'd 2nd that. it shows what 'cell' can do.

Wingnut264084d ago

Man you guys are idiots. It's not the Cell that told the game to control like a**. So Lair wasn't very accepted by reviewers, big deal, some are having great fun with it. What the Cell does do, is make huge, gorgeous levels with tons of little soldiers running around on a bridge trying to kill you.

iceice1234084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

At number 1. Then SSBB & SMG(if that makes it this year, have not been keeping up with Mario anymore.)

-Edit- Okay, two disagreed with me. Care to explain why Halo will not be number 1...again?