Official Playstation boards closing down threads regarding Warhawk issues

A UK reader has mailed Maxconsole in to let them know that the Official Playstation forums keep closing threads regarding Warhawk issues. Petitions are not allowed on the official site, and Icognito have left their fanbase in the lurch despite clarification that they are aware of problems some days ago. The respective reader has set up a petition in which he describes the game as being released to the public full of bugs and essentially those who purchased the game are acting as the second layer of beta testers which is unacceptable practice.


We are trying to get support for answers. The forums keep closing off threads, petitions are not allowed apparently on the official playstation site.

Incognito have left us all in the lurch. I dont want the game to die, please help us get some answers.

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bym051d4059d ago

At least on the US boards, there are still quite a few critical threads.

trane074059d ago

Incognitio specifically said that they are currently fixing the problems and are not "hiding them" like some other developers do. Seeing a "warhawk problem" thread obviously doesn't make them work any more faster which is why they stopped them.

What makes this even more disgusting is the mart dressing this up to look like some "oh so serious" developer neglect from the people who have a problem with the game when its nothing of the sort. Its stupid. Its like you're basically looking for a reason to make a negative and overblow it to a completely stupid and un-necessary issue.

Don't come here with all that damn "i dont want warhawk to die" crap.

r10004059d ago

C'mon, don't you know these things can be fixed at the snap of your fingers... DUH... oh yea and Petitions always fix things to... also when your a developer you want a couple thousand people asking "is it fixed yet" thats the best....

**end sarcasm**

uxo224059d ago

Was there a public beta for this game? Are these problems the same problems the came out of the beta? I could be wrong but I thought warhawk had a beta. If so, why wouldn't these bugs be caught in the process especially since all PS3s are created equally unlike PCs.

DarkArcani4059d ago

There is a difference between lets say 3000 warhawk beta testers and when the game is released having 45000 people on in one day. The bugs that i have had so far are very minimal compared to the bugs during the beta test where my PS3 froze about 15 times in a matter of two hours. Also, Dylan said that his team is aware of the situation and are in no means "on vacation." They are hard at work fixing the issues.

sanderFVCKINcohen4059d ago

this just proves on why xbox live has a way better server than PS3. Werent we prophetic about this long time ago before it just happend, that not haveing a well paid server can go down in low maintenence, especially when you have a game that alot of people play. Damm, look at Gears of War, millions play everyday, and till this day i havent noticed any maintinence problems whatsoever, except for people with sucky connections. Which are not that many, since everyone uses a DSL.

SofaKingReetodded4059d ago

what servers you moron?? xboxlive is a peer to peer service. look it up because Im laughing too hard to explain it.

sanderFVCKINcohen4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Let me laugh with, since your realy retarded!!!!
lolololololololololololololol ol.....wait, wait......lololololololol!!!!

PEER2PEER as in download you dimmwitts, other than that when it comes down to online gameing YOU NEED SERVERS. Why do you think EA and Microsoft had a disagreement with whos server should be used, besides you cant play an MMORPG online without a SERVER(ex Final Fantasy XI).


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rev204059d ago

lol i can only think of two bugs ranking scores and the network disconnects i havent encountered any others.

The game works flawlessly with 32 people online, i have yet to experience lag once throughout my many hours of play thats one hell of an achievement.

Everything is always focused on the negative though

harpua4059d ago

"A UK reader has mailed Maxconsole in to let them know that the Official Playstation forums keep closing threads regarding Warhawk issues."

sounds extremely reliable. I sent MS an e-mail that their console sucks and breaks down all the time. We should prolly post that one as well.

Zhuk4059d ago

Sony is now silencing people, how disappointing

Hatchetforce4059d ago

Yeah, they are following Microsoft's lead. So you should say they are ALSO silencing people.


trane074059d ago

People are now over-reacting. MAINLY the anti-ps3 fanboys who dont even have a ps3 to PLAY WARHAWK. Now that is dissapointing.

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