Have Your Say at the Spike VGAs 2010

E4G: Spike has announced that they will be doing a live voting system during the stream of the spike Video Game Awards of 2010.

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dkblackhawk502873d ago

lawl i want bk now...damn ads

blumatt2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Didn't mean to comment.

TheLastGuardian2873d ago

The article says theres going to be a stream of the VGAs. Does anyone know where I can watch the VGAs live on the internet? Sadly I don't have cable TV only netflix.

Simco8762873d ago

This is worthless. On, it explains that you will still only be able to vote on one category, not the whole show.

Worthless, still won't watch this joke of an awards show, if we can't vote on the winners. Gamers should choose who wins, not mystery voters.

N4WAH2873d ago

I say they go away!
The Teen Choice awards is more mature than the VGA's.
I was literally embarrassed when I watched it last year and I will never subject myself to that again.

OhReginald2873d ago

oh my god this commercial is hilarious.

"The best games of 2010, never before seen world premieres...."

"and.....Chicken........ "