Warhawk: The First PS3 Killer App

One of the first games announced for the PS3 has finally been released. Was this title worth the wait?

The PS3 hit a winner with this one. In the future, this title will be considered one of the first killer titles for the PS3.

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MK_Red4059d ago

For me, first killer app is Resistance, followed by Heavenly Sword and Warhawk. I also love MotorStorm and Lair. Will be getting them all soon.

Shadow Flare4059d ago

The first killer app i think was definately resistance. Its a brilliant game

MikeGdaGod4059d ago

it was the first FPS that i completed since Doom, but to me Warhawk easily wins

it draws anyone that watches into it and makes everyone want to play. this game, more that any other, makes all my friends want to go out and get a ps3. in fact, two just did because of this game.

jtmill074059d ago

Yes warhawk wins in online gameing but it wasn't the first killer game for the ps3 RFOM was and IMO still is one of the best game for the ps3

DeadIIIRed4059d ago

Resistance was awesome, but only after a few days of the multiplayer I was getting ready to sell the game (I didn't though). I'm having a hard time putting down Warhawk. I havn't had this problem since Halo 2 and Starcraft.

fredy4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

units. This game is quite fun but it's too early to call it killa.

I'm more suprised Lair and HS did not have that titles, just goes to show you, a game that is far less graphic intensive but moreso about the gameplay outshines games that is all about visual everytime and lacking positive control scheme..

we won't know wether this is a killa app untill we see why people bought their ps3's in teh next couple of minths. then again new games will be out to compete.

resistance, anotehr game that was bought because nothin was out. A killa app stand the test of time when it is in competition with other games.

heroman7114058d ago

dude resistance was awesome. resistance is wat got me into / good at fps. i had halo on my comp and i sucked at it cuz i could nvr aim right and wen i would shoot i would move around the target alot. with resistance it all changed for some reason. it was easier to manuever and destroy and shoot. so all u that have played resistance, u have to admit it was awesome.

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ktchong4059d ago

What are with all the reviews and articles coming out of personal blogs?? Is this the new trend here in N4G? The blogs attack?

iceice1234059d ago

Have news praising all things Sony, but find all the negative Halo news. Never ever any negative Sony news, ever.

MK_Red4059d ago

The fun thing is that I get the same thing reversed when I post negative news about PS3.
Guys, there are good PS3 news and bad PS3 news, good 360 news and bad 360 news. I try to post them all.

barom4059d ago

yeah i'm not too big of a fan of this blog stuff either. and they always sound contradictory. Resistance was a killer app and came before Warhawk. Motorstorm for some were a killer app. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a killer app. Oblivion although a bit old was a killer app.

eagle214059d ago

Bringing old franchises back from the 90's is hard as rocks. Sony succeeded in someting Square and Nintendo do all the time. Warhawk is back with more appeal than it ever had!

MK_Red4059d ago

Agreed. Bringing back old franchises is really hard (Just look how Sega and Midway keep screwing once legendary games).
The team not only brought the game back in full glory, they made it a better game and a true killer app.

rubarb234059d ago

is Warhawk does deserves credit. i'm all about the 360, but when the warhawk beta came out, i played it on my cousin's ps3 and honestly i thought the game was awesome.

TheMART4059d ago

So the only 'Killer App' (not even an average AAA rating though) after almost one year of PS3 is


That's all? Nice... 600 Euro... Mhhhh... Or 349 Euro for a 360 Premium with real AAA games? 250 Euro less and more to play. Ah well PS3 owners can still put in Casino Royale when the Warhawk servers blow up again I guess

Zhuk4059d ago

Mart is right Warhawk is fun but if the PS3s killer app is only Warhawk something is wrong.

kornbeaner4059d ago

How do you play these AAA on your console when it's always out for repairs?

Let me guess, 45 minutes at a time.

lonestarmt4059d ago

wow another casino royale joke, get new material. Guess the people who make those jokes just are angry that no one is buying HD-Dvd's to play on their xbox.

seriously though, all online only games have problems, world of warcraft did. As I recall people who downloaded the new plasmid pack for the precious bioshock caused problems and kept them from playing. Just like that didn't hurt everyone, not everyone is having problems with warhawk.

mighty_douche4059d ago

ive said it before and ill probably say it again..... what a c0ck you are...! dude the xbox section is the next tab over....

the xbox must be one hell of a console if most of its owners fell the need to spam up ps3 threads purely because they're jealous!

Blitzed4059d ago

Your Xbox is getting jealous.

fenderputty4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

YOu're just pissed that Warhawk ruined your predictions of 6's. People like the game and you can't deal with it. You act like you didn't wait almost a year for gears. You act like this is the only game coming out on the PS3 in the next year. Get a freaking life dude. None of the crap you spew is working. You're not chaning anyone mind. All your doing is showing how incredibly biased and lame you really are.

BTW, I bought my PS3 because I wanted something reliable. I'm quite happy with it too. No issues what so ever. On top of that, I've enjoyed the hell out of Resistance, Ninja Gaiden, Motorstorm, The Darkness and Warhawk. I will also be enjoying the hell out of Heavenly Sword and Drakes Fortune. That's all this year. I'm more then happy with my selection.

Blitzed4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

What, the last circle jerk around your Xbox between you, POG, and Bladestar didnt go so well? Carefull that console can get hot!

Mr PS34059d ago

I'd rather the servers go down for maintenence for a few hours that my god damm heap of sh!te the old grey unreliable xbox blow up on me after an hour of gameplay anyway screw you and kiss my a$$

Mr PS34059d ago

I'd rather the servers go down for maintenence for a few hours than my god damm heap of sh1te the old grey unreliable xbox blow up on me after an hour of gameplay anyway screw you and kiss my a$$

tatotiburon4059d ago

jajaja themart you are so right, maybe we will see warhawk in xbox lve arcade in the future jaja

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snoop_dizzle4059d ago

resistance was great but it just wasn't killer for me. Warhawk however i definety do enjoy.

I just hope they fix the issues with the stats and stuff.