Batman: Arkham City New Trailer coming tomorrow confirmed

Looking forward to some new Batman: Arkham City footage landing December 11th at the Spike Video Game Awards? Well bring your attention to a closer date, MSN Games has landed the exclusive teaser trailer and will be showcasing it tomorrow at 8pm GMT

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pedrami912876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )


Please let it be some sort of actual gameplay teaser please !

Super-Brad2876d ago

Why a teaser?
That would be worst, show us a full clip of game-play, with the theater guy voice.

visualb2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

can you believe I still have to play Batman AA?!

however I had a short time with it, totally loved it, and will get it soon, before Arkham City, and then AC =D
very excited about this though =) Best super hero comic video game!!!!!!

@ super brad -

that'll only be at VGA's, like thor, this is just a teaser with possibly no gameplay.

RoboRyan2876d ago

@visualb - If you're a Batman fan, play AA as soon as you can. In addition to being a fun game that even a casual fan can enjoy, there's all kinds of details packed in that seasoned readers of the comics will pick up on and love. You can tell it was made by people who know their stuff and love the character, not just looking to cash in on the spike in popularity after the last two movies.

pr0digyZA2876d ago

yes that is great news. Hope it has some good gameplay footage.I'd like to see what the city looks like.

OhReginald2876d ago

one less reason for me to watch the spike's VGA

Kain812876d ago

I thought this is a VGA World premier thing???
have i missunderstood something here?

GamerSciz2876d ago

It's a teaser trailer people. I am guessing maybe at most 15-30 seconds. At VGA we will see actual gameplay. This is simply a marketing aspect to build up hype.

TOO PAWNED2876d ago

Probably BS teaser with end line "Watch VGA for full blow out in game trailer" or some similar crap.
BTW give me bubbles folks.

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The story is too old to be commented.