Exophase: Kinect & Kinect Adventures Impressions

Exophase: Is the removal of the physical controller such a good idea? Controllers have been an essential part in the development of interactive entertainment so how will we fare without them? We’ve got a lot of questions regarding how this new technology will translate into other games and we are still waiting for an answer.

The Kinect is great in theory but the current technology could use some improvement. Compared to the Move I see the Kinect as a more co-operative system so far with the game offerings while the PS Move offers more competitive gameplay.

At $150 with the sensor and Kinect Adventures and $49.99 for each game (MSRP) it’s not a cheap system. As it stands right now I would advise waiting until better games come out. The $150 purchase of the Kinect system isn’t justified in itself yet; would’ve been better if it was bundled with Kinect Sports or Dance Central.

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