GeekDad tires of fickle tech promises

Wired: Three years after I pre-ordered my Gran Turismo 5 PlayStation 3 pack from Amazon I finally played it last week. And four years after buying my HD TV, today I watched BBC HD for the first time. Trying to justify being an early adopter in amongst busy family life is no easy task, and these facts don't help matters.

While my wife would happily wait until technology has had a chance to mature before buying it, I more often than not jump in early. My justification, apart from the kids' excitement, is usually being able to enjoy new features years ahead of anyone else.

When Gran Turismo finally arrived in our house the other day and I was enthusing about it and got a cold response: "I thought you got that years ago when we bought the PS3?" Well, yes that was the idea although that wasn't quite how it worked out.

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Tapey3294d ago

Did anybody who approved this article actually read it? It has nothing to do with videogames, it's just some guy saying that he didn't make use of HD content on his HDTV until 4 years after he bought it.

GamerSciz3294d ago

Watch out...the approve person is a mod...

Mr Microsoft (2) | 8h ago
_JL_ (10) | 2h ago <----(mod)

BrianG3294d ago

Maybe they thought it was bashing GT5, since the title reads with a negative connotation, and the picture is of GT5.


Blaine3294d ago

Meh, just another article feeding the GT5 hotness meter. I enjoy watching it go up and crush the other games--Black Ops never stood a chance!

Baka-akaB3294d ago

It's his fault if he couldnt manage to find hd content .

And yeah pretty much some aproved before hand hoping it would be bashing something , probably named gt5

Bathyj3294d ago

Theres a slogan I've seen on Bluray movies and it kind of what I've been telling my friends for a couple years.

"If you're not using Bluray, your HDTV is just a TV."

How true.

People asked me why I bought so many Blurays. I replied "If you have a HDTV you need HD content to watch on it. Otherwise, whats the point?"

Would you plug your PS3 into your fancy new 3D Bravia with the old Red White and Yellow RCA cord?

NO !

MariaHelFutura3294d ago

Man, VHSs on HDTVS is the sh!t. It looks even worse.

Ah, yeah.

sak5003294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Haven't bought into bluray as all the HD content is avaialble on the net. I have had HD TV albeit 720p from dec 2005 till earlier this year. Lack of HD content during 2006 had me watching only SD stuff but 360 made it possible to enjoy HD gaming and some MM content.

Late last year got a 50" panasonic 1080p plasma and earlier this year bought a 42" 1080p plasmas. Much better than the crappy sony lcd i had from yesteryears. Had to give that to security guard of our building as it had pixel issues.

I have had a media player since 2008 which is 1/3 the price of any bdplayer including ps3 and plays any hd format including mkv. Streams 1000s of net channels, Radio, Photo sites etc. ONly dumb people following blindly into some corporates greed jump into new tech.

3D is fail as well till 2011 end or 2012 start due to lack content and also health conditions associating with using too much of it.

Rice3294d ago

So I read the whole article expecting harsh criticism towards GT5.