Why Billy Bob Thornton Hates Video Games

So what did Billy Bob say exactly? Well, he starts off with a pretty reasonable and obvious statement: “In our current state of affairs, especially in the entertainment business, we’re living in a time when we’re making — in my humble opinion — the worst movies in history.”

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Bereaver3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Bad movies aren't caused by good games. *edit* Nor bad.

Enough said.

sinncross3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Who cares about the reviews for Faster: its a pretty damn entertaining revenge film.

Anyways, so Thorton has a limited perspective of gaming. Welcome to the real world where the majority of society has no real idea what gaming is like. Its changing, definitely, but its not something that will just happen over night.

Anyways, while I get what the author is saying, he is pretty much being as ignorant as Thornton is by trying to diss his film which the author doesn't have appeared to have watch.

RedDragan3292d ago

I'd say Thornton is pretty much smack on the button!

90% of the games that get released are trash. We basically here about the good ones for a while, but whores of the industry tend to get web time for a week at most. Then some of the really bad ones may get lauded... like Call of Duty.

It is the same with movies. Only 10% or less are actually any good.

schlanz3292d ago

Who the hell cares what this guy thinks?

CaptainPunch3292d ago

No one cares what he thinks

SpinalRemains1383292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

As much as I understand what the article is trying to say while defending gaming............ Assassins Creed is killing for fun. It's one of my favorite series of all time, and I understand the wrold and plot are huge. That said though, it's about creative killing for fun lol. C'mon guys. A spade is a spade is a spade.

Thorton is right though about films today. 98 percent of them are garbage. Do we really need 8 action film stars in one movie? Do wee really need fast cars and the Rock in the same dam movie? Can we please stop with the "feel bad for the vampire because he's cute" movies? Vampires are dead with no soul! I have no idea why Twilight is so popular, but last I checked, vampires are cold, dead and do not have a soul, let alone the ability to love. I think 30 days of Night is pretty much the extent of a vampires actions. EATING!

paintsville3292d ago

Billy Bob probably got his video game start on the PS3HDWii and that's why he hates them. He thinks that they're crappy looking with poor frame rates and reduced resolutions. Hey Billy!!! There's a better way to play video games. On a real video game system. The Xbox 360!! Play video games Billy, on a game system and not on an overpriced blu ray player imitating a game system.

ravinash3292d ago

maybe he's been been stuck on a 360 and been hanging round with people like you for too long.

Dave13513292d ago

or maybe he's just mad he has to pay to play online and his console got rrod, thats the real reason

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