HEXUS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 review - bringing the best from Fermi

HEXUS: NVIDIA brought in a new high-end GPU architecture last month. Known as the GeForce GTX 580 1,536MB, it uses fundamentally the same Fermi core from the previous champ, GeForce GTX 480, but thorough re-engineering provides the GTX 580 with an extra 15 per cent performance across a wide range of games, achieved with no commensurate increase in power-draw. The GeForce GTX 580, then, is the fastest single-GPU card around, and putting two together in SLI results in a near-doubling of the already-high frame-rates.

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CombineElite3285d ago

Well as a long time ATi user I am very impressed with the GTX 570 as it gives you GTX 480 performance but uses less watts and runs a whole lot cooler.
If Nvidia can get the price down to $299 I can see a SLI set up in my new build.

But then again I gotta wait and see AMD's HD 6970 performance first.