Was Panorama's Game Addiction Report Fair?

It avoided tabloid reporting, but was undermined by an anxious tone and a superficial attitude to the bigger questions.

The human stories at the heart of Addicted To Games?, Panorama’s investigation into the potentially addictive qualities of videogames, shouldn’t be ignored. Chris, Sang, Leo (which isn't actually his real name) and Joe, the four young men who chose to share their experiences with reporter Raphael Rowe (interviewed himself here), all spoke apparently openly and honestly about their compulsive gaming. Likewise, the serious costs of their behaviour – damaged relationships with friends and family, lost places at university, debt – can’t be denied. Leo in particular, who at the outset of the report stated that he wouldn’t ‘inflict [World Of Warcraft] on anybody’, called the game a ‘disease’ and is attempting to quit, but at the report’s conclusion stated he still wants WOW to be a part of his life, seems particularly unhappy and confused.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

If anyone wants to watch it:

Part 1 -

Part2 -

@ 2:05 in part 1, the reporter says...

"Joe has enjoyed computer games since he was a small child, but then he bought an XBOX" haha lol!