Five Minutes With... Halo: Reach's Firefight Menus

Five minutes with... is a series of investigations by former Edge magazine editor-in-chief -- and current development director of social game developer Hide&Seek -- Margaret Robertson into what five minutes of play reveals about a larger game, stepping back from all-encompassing reviews and doing some hardcore design drilling into interesting moments from interesting games.

MR: When I started this column, I got a lot of feedback from people who assumed it would only ever be about the first five minutes of a game. Others assumed it would be about the best five minutes, although lord knows who could ever be in charge of deciding what the best five minutes of any game are.

It was really only meant to be about five interesting minutes, and those five minutes aren't necessarily where you'd expect them to be. In Halo: Reach, those five interesting minutes aren't in the main campaign.

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