OC3D: nVidia GTX570 Review

OC3D: With the last generation of Fermi cards from nVidia we, until the release of the MSI Lightning and Gigabyte SOC, felt the cut-down models actually were the choice models in the line-up. All of the performance with little of the drawbacks they were an ideal choice.

The revised range-topping GTX580 model from nVidia fixed all of the faults of the GTX480 and absolutely wowed us with its immense performance, cool temperatures and comparitive silence.

In feature terms it gives us everything we could ask for except of course for the rather serious price-tag. So with that in mind nVidia have launched their first reduced model in the GF110 range, the GTX570, and that's what we're having a look at today. Does it give us all the class-leading performance of the GTX580 without the divorce-inducing price-tag, or is it compromising too much to be worthy of consideration.

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