Square Enix: Future of PS3 Could be Tough

Is it a super computer? Is it a Blu-ray player? No, it's a videogames console! PlayStation 3's schizophrenic marketing has come under scrutiny and the boss of Square Enix reckons Sony needs to sort it out.

According to Reuters, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada told a gathering of reporters in Tokyo that the future of PS3 "would be tough if its marketing strategy is not straightened up".

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Bloodmask5683d ago

that SquareEnix is less than thrilled with PS3 sales. And now Sony is really screwed bc if they market PS3 as a "games" machine they can't claim victory in the format war.

Sony you shouldn't have used the PS3 fanbase for your Bluray agenda. Now it is all blowing up in your face.

tplarkin75683d ago

The PS3 is losing badly in all territories. There appears to be no hope for recovery. SquareEnix is publicly warning Sony to sell more systems, or else...

The Wii is killing Sony in Japan. If Sony was winning Japan, only then would it have a chance in other territories. Japanese developers are now forced to make games for Wii or 360 in order to eat.

Skynetone5683d ago

but people dont know about the hd capability or blu-ray format

so advertisement needs to be split

witchking5683d ago

... then you're going to see more FF games on other platforms. If FFXIII goes multi-platform, PS3 loses a huge feather in its cap.

Squeenix wants to make money. Right now they don't stand to make as much putting a product solely on the PS3.

MarioFromTexas5683d ago

FF can't be on the 360, because 360 ain't selling crap in Japan where FF series is the biggest. Oh you xbots forgot about that. Square Enix could say the fuk they want to say but at the end of the day PS3 is outselling 360 worldwide and most important for square, japan. Last time I check 360 has only has a 4 million lead and that's with the so call great library, can't wait til next march so I can rub it in your faces when PS3 surpasses the 360. Square Enix releases on 360 that's a failure from the start, what did blue dragon sell in japan oh wait 150,000 copies....Yeah that's going to get their money back...xbots are idiots

Sez 5683d ago

360 only has a 4million lead on sony. are you stupid or what. the ps3 only sold 4.46 million units worldwide not 6 or 7 million. they shipped 6 million to retailor. not customers. and if thats the case if you want to use shipped numbers. the 360 shipped 11.6 million as of june.think before you post. shipped not sold. sony is in third worldwide. get over it.

jjfunaz5683d ago

I'm sorry but your response is filled with so much drivel and incorrect statements I don't know where to start.
1. While Japan is important for SE, Final Fantasy sells just as much in america as it does there. Also, by march lets say 2.5 million people have a ps3 in japan, everyone would have to buy two copies in order for it to be worth it to them.
2. Xbox leads PS3 world wide by 6 million, and the way PS3 is "out selling" at such a rate that that ps3 would take the lead in 2012 if things stay the way they are. So if you think ps3 is surpassing 360 by march your wrong
3. 150k copies sold in japan out of 400k users is a pretty good sales percentage.

I don't understand the rationale of people who just spew incorrect information like you just because your a fan of one system over another.

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ktchong5683d ago

It's approved by the NewsBot, and it got approved fast... couldn't do anything about it.

ktchong5683d ago

"According to Reuters, ..."

Reuters is here:

Which has been submitted before here:

sumfood4u5683d ago (Edited 5683d ago )

SE is kinda right,the Blu ray is awesome, but they need to focus on games an do movies once they average 1 PS3 in every 3 homes like the PSONE an PS2 did! than work on movies. I as well as many people want FF13 & VS, as well as another Final Fantasy~MMORPG. I hope they resolve their issues an get things going! For the love of Fianl Fantasy Fans make it happen!

vidoardes5683d ago

Sorry, it got approved before I could delete it