GT5 : New video of the Red Bull X1 Prototype

Just before unlocking the Red Bull X1 Prototype in GT5, players can watch a brand new video introducing the car with Sebastian Vettel.
Note : This video is not the trailer made by Polyphony a few weeks ago.

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Led-Zeppelin3290d ago

Cant wait until i get this baby!

morganfell3290d ago

Jeux Video, the site that did such an incompetent job of reviewing GT5 in the first place now wants hits with the video? No thanks.

Jeux Video realizes now the GT5 fans are buying the game like mad and could care less what reviewers say when they post a poorly researched article. Now this same site comes crawling back because they see a possibility to garner hits from the same fans to whom they provided a disservice? No thanks.

Apone3289d ago

When is this car unlocked btw?

poindat3289d ago

The challenge unlocks at level 30, and you can win it by getting bronze medals on them.... But good luck with that, it's probably one of, if not the, hardest challenges ever in a GT game.

Or you can buy it for several million credits at level 40. But good luck reaching level 40 as well. :p

KingPin3289d ago

G.....T....5!! the game that exposed all the secretly fanboy/biased reviewers :D

on topic.
i still have to buy this game. but man, i cant wait for the day :D