The Games with the Best Production Value in 2010 | GameState

"It's that time of year again where the greatest games need to be rewarded. The GameState awards kick off with the award for the Best Overall Production in videogame in 2010. The nominees are plenty, but there can only be one winner." - GameState

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vrylstminute3292d ago

Heavy Rain looks the best to me.

granthinds3292d ago

It looks the best, but you have to have played both to see how incredible Uncharted 2 is.

AndrewRyan3292d ago

This is stupid, Uncharted 2 came out in 2009 it doesn't deserve a 2010 award. It is probably better then any game this year but it still isn't fair too all the other games and their developers.

The Matrix3292d ago

Perhaps I'm not British but didn't Uncharted 2 come out in 2009??

Rage_S903291d ago

hes not British south african i think

guitar_nerd_233291d ago

it was 2009 in britan too i was playing it last november i think maybe earlier

Christopher3292d ago

Not quite sure why U2 is there.

My 2010 would be RDR. For an open world game, it looks beautiful on the 360. (R* is at fault for the PS3 version having some glaring issues in graphics because they continue to use the exact same engine from GTA4 and not the enhancements in the GTA4 DLC)

Coming in close would be ME2, Heavy Rain, and God of War 3.

guitar_nerd_233291d ago

i thought heavy rain had great face models and superb animation but was pretty buggy and unpolished overall

not even a nomination for production value in my eyes- great game tho

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WobblyOnion3292d ago

Slick get-up, Mr Awards man.

granthinds3292d ago

Haha! Thanks... A little too Michael Mol perhaps?

BradyRuiters3292d ago

I have to agree. Uncharted 2 was brilliant! I love that game. Mass Effect 2 would be a very close second.

ianfelmore3292d ago

I agree that Uncharted 2 is a awesome game, I hit two plays in a single week. However, since its launch I am still playing Mass Effect 2, I love that game, and it gets my vote. Nice suit G!

WobblyOnion3292d ago

Uncharted 2 came out in October 2009 though..wouldn't really have it as eligible for 2010 awards.

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The story is too old to be commented.