BioShock = 10/10? ERROR_ERROR

Reading and watching all the pre-release reviews for BioShock confused me. Massive scores were being given out, but no one was explaining exactly why this game was as perfect and revolutionary as the 10/10 scores were suggesting. Why was that?

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RadientFlux4060d ago

while I still think BioShock deserved its 10/10 I do respect his opinion on why he feels the game deserves a 7 or 8.

Skynetone4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

which gave it a eight

other mags hand out nines & tens far to easy

in other mags i believe when they give it a eight its a average game, but edge give average games 5/10 so when it hits a 8/10 you know its going to be good

chasegamez4060d ago

good game but really over hyped

uxo224060d ago

Why is some dudes (that's not even a professional game reviewer) opinion of bioshock something that should be heated up to 750 degrees and considered news on this site.

Is it because his opinion deserves it or is it because of the insuing flamewar that posting it to this site has caused. This place needs some checks and balanced.

gta_cb4060d ago

i agree, and your not supose to submit peoples thoughts about a game unless there doing a review for a news website or something (read the rules and guidelines.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4060d ago

Gee, don't know how I could have figured that one out.

r10004060d ago

From the article

"I'm not accusing reviewers who gave BioShock 'perfects' of being blinded by fancy graphics and sound (I am accusing reviewers who gave BioShock 'perfects' of being blinded by fancy graphics and sound),"

I don't know about that being the case... cuz if it was, lair would have received higher ratings....

novaIS3504060d ago

Lair is glorious (graphically) in certain places, not so much in others. Where as bioshock has consistent good looking graphics. But I see what you are saying though, Lair should have gotten points for graphics just for their first attempt. I mean look at how huge the levels were, and how much was going on on screen.

JewyMcJew4060d ago

...Lair had to deal with MASSIVE draw distances where Bioshock had the advantage of dungeon crawling.

But I will say Bioshock's water is the best I have ever seen.

tony4060d ago

this game has 2 different endings ,not that makes a difference, but bioshock is the most fun i had since super mario bros, zelda, first metroid, metal gear, half life 2 and chronicles of riddick. i think is that good.

iHeretic4060d ago

Nobody can really explain what makes a game perfect, becouse a perfect game has the little extra, which is hard explain what is.

snakeak4060d ago

but I can tell you for sure that a "perfect" game would have an awesome multi-player.. or something else that gives it almost unlimited replayability.