PS3 & PSP Get 3 New Star Ocean games, Star Ocean Sites Live

Square Enix has opened a portal site for what should be one of its biggest Tokyo Game Show franchises this year, Star Ocean. The portal highlights all games in the series, but the focus is, of course, on the three new games, Star Ocean First Departure (PSP), Star Ocean Second Evolution (PSP) and Star Ocean 4 (platform TBA).

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MK_Red4429d ago

Well, that's some serious PSP love from Square. Good news.

Darkiewonder4429d ago

It's taking forever for TGS though ;(

SL1M DADDY4429d ago

I sold it so I can pick up the PSP slim. I was having second thoughts about buying another but now it is a must. Great games coming!

tplarkin74429d ago

The headline is supposed to match the linked article. If you read the article, the PS3 version is not announced! Although the odds are slim, it could be a 360 game.

DrWan4428d ago

Yah it could be on the 360 as well, but it's pretty sure it will be on the PS3 for sure. So..the title is fine. it didn't say PS3 EXCLUSIVE or anything

pilotpistolpete4429d ago

I've never played the Star ocean series. I'm a big rpg fan.

How is the series?

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The story is too old to be commented.