Why PlayStation Does Not Need A Mascot

It no news that a particular character can become the symbolic figure of a gaming company, The popular Mario has got this premise locked down as you can never talk about Nintendo without making references the Mario, it was the key to the success of Nintendo as a game company and indeed a wise decision making on a business standpoint. It was in the vein that SEGA saw the need to replace their mascot - Alex Kidd with Sonic.

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DoomeDx3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The thing is,

Wii has 'kiddy' games, so it has Mario as their mascot.

Xbox is the shooter console, so it needs a mascot that fits it. In this case, the Masterchief.

Playstation on the other hand, has so much variety when it comes to games, so its hard to find a good mascot for it.
But IMO, if they HAVE to make a mascot, Sackboy would be perfect!

nix3288d ago

true.. PS needs no mascot. but for now, Kevin Butler is doing a real good job for now! q:

proudly_X3288d ago

Butler is cool, but he is a human . .

MisterAV3288d ago

Long ago on PS1 crash and spyro could be considered the mascot

proudly_X3288d ago

spyro, one character i admire alot. may a reboot would perform the magic and reignite much love for the character.

MisterAV3288d ago

on ps1 insomniac was the developer, now they're are working on resistence and ratchet, the IP was sold

Ultraplayerxd3288d ago

Sony already has a mascot. Its that cat thing they have in Japan(what's its name?) , its also an avatar you can use for your psn.

proudly_X3288d ago

hearing this for the first time, . . doing a research on it now.

Zydake3288d ago

Hmm I would say it's a mixture because Sony has a lot of exclusive with very good characters good enough to represent the Sony franchise.

Drake represents Adventure
Kratos ... adventure too lol
Sackboy casual
Nathan Hale shooter
Jak adventure..
Snake stealth
I think I'm forgetting someone

proudly_X3288d ago

I am not sure Sony own snake, snake started life from Nintendo and besides, that is what made Konami what it is today. . . snakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Zydake3288d ago

yeah thats why i eft snake last wasnt so sure

Raoh3288d ago

Playstation has more like a family of characters..

this is why i think sony's game heroes on the move is a failed attempt. it should have been like smash bros. and incorporated characters from all of their franchises,

nathan hale
solid snake

hell sony has enough characters to make their own street fighter like game with just their own characters.

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