HP Unleashes Gaming Monster

HP has reportedly unveiled its first gaming PC named "Blackbird 002", which marries HP innovation with Voodoo PC expertise.

A Black Aluminium monster, the "Blackbird 002" can be configured as per user choice. With a 1.1-kilowatt power supply; separate thermal chambers for processors, GPU, and PSU; and a full liquid-cooling system; HP claims the gaming PC will keep its cool even in the most heated gaming scenarios.

A limited edition "HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition" will be available starting September 15, with a pre-set performance configuration, unique side panels, free games, and more.

However, the system will be available for configuration at starting October 1, and pricing will range approximately between $2,500 and $7,100.

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pacman6154111d ago

and everyone thinks the ps3 is expensive, i wonder if it will even have a bluray player, maybe configed at 7k$

gta_cb4111d ago

i agree, stick with consoles.
and for the person who disagreed with BloodySinner. just think "pricing will range approximately between $2,500 and $7,100" so lets say you get the $2,500 model, for that you could buy an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and could buy all the big sellers for each console for about what 2 years?! and maybe still have some money left. or you could buy this model and then you STILL have to buy the games you want to play, and remember that not all big sellers will be on PC, like Lair and MGS4.

so i say, stick with consoles.

BloodySinner4111d ago

You have won a bubble, gta_cb!

Skynetone4111d ago

have a game and turn it off quick

thats about 20 cent an hour in europe maybe more

Silvia0074111d ago

damn... I agree with sleekblackroadster... build your own.

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